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A typical view of a scientist is that of a person in a white coat, conducting experiments. The truth is that a scientists can be defined as a person who is involved in the systematic and documented study of the phenomena that occur in nature but are not limited to just physics, chemistry or biology. They even indulge in studies related to the makeup of the earth and social scenarios where they study and try to understand the behavior of a group of individual of a particular species, sub-species or any other such classification. They can be classified into various categories based on the branch of science that they are involved in. Some such categories are social scientists, astronomers, physicist, biologists, chemical engineers or chemists, agriculturists and earth scientists. There are many more branches of science which a person can become a specialist of. Some of the notable people from this field are people like Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. Scientists have always led the way in understand the environment we live in and this is a collection of the biographies of these studious people, along with information about their professional and personal lives, including their life stories, timelines and trivia.

The Most Famous Scientists

Juliane KoepckeOctober 10, 1954German, PeruvianJuliane Koepcke is a German-Peruvian biologist, who was the lone survivor among the 92 passengers and crew of the ill-fated LANSA Flight 508 that crashed in the Peruvian rainforest on 24 December 1971
Konstantin TsiolkovskySeptember 17, 1857RussianKonstantin Tsiolkovsky was a Russian rocket scientist and a pioneer of astronautics
Henry CavendishOctober 10, 1731BritishHenry Cavendish was a theoretical chemist and physicist, renowned for discovery of hydrogen and calculation of the mass of earth
Walter KohnMarch 9, 1923AustrianNobel Laureate Walter Kohn was an Austrian-born American theoretical chemist and physicist
Gabe NewellNovember 3, 1962AmericanGabe Newell is an American computer programmer and businessman, best known as the co-founder of ‘Valve Corporation.’ This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, family, personal life, career, etc.
Max PolyakovJune 30, 1977UkrainianMax Polyakov is an international businessman, scientist and philanthropist
Grigori PerelmanJune 13, 1966RussianGrigori Perelman is a Russian mathematician who is best known for his contributions to Riemannian geometry and geometric topology
Eduardo SaverinMarch 19, 1982BrazilianEduardo Luiz Saverin is a Brazilian internet entrepreneur and investor
Alfred WegenerNovember 1, 1880GermanAlfred Wegener was a renowned German geophysicist and meteorologists who is known for pioneering the ‘Continental Drift’ theory
Kitaw EjiguFebruary 25, 1948EthiopianKitaw Ejigu was an Ethiopian American engineer and political leader
Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is an American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur most famous as the co-founder of Google Inc

AmericanAugust 21, 1973200 views

Larry Page

Larry Page is the co-founder of search engine Google

AmericanMarch 26, 1973332 views

Wernher Von Braun

Wernher von Braun was a rocket scientist and aerospace engineer, who played a major role in rocket science during and post-WWII

GermanMarch 23, 1912331 views

Hermann Minkowski

Hermann Minkowski was a prominent German mathematician

GermanJune 22, 1864134 views


Ibn-al-Haytham was an illustrious Arab Muslim scientist, philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer

IraqiJuly 1, 965131 views

Count Alessandro Volta

Famous physicist Count Alessandro Volta is credited with the invention of electric battery

ItalianFebruary 18, 1745212 views

Charles Augustin De Coulomb

Charles Coulomb was the French physicist who developed Coulomb’s law

FrenchJune 14, 1736219 views

Thomas Henry Huxley

Thomas Huxley was a famous English biologist

BritishMay 4, 1825117 views

Benjamin Franklin

One of the founding fathers of the USA, Benjamin Franklin was a multi-talented personality

AmericanJanuary 17, 1706145 views

Shawna Pandya

Shawna Pandya is a Canadian citizen-scientist astronaut of Indian-origin

Canadian230 views