Famous people born in January - page 3

    Fulgencio Batista

    Fulgencio Batista

    Fulgencio Batista was the dictator of Cuba

    CubanJanuary 16, 1901106 views

    Stonewall Jackson

    Thomas Jonathan Jackson, better known as Stonewall Jackson, was a famous ‘Confederate’ general who served during the American Civil War.

    AmericanJanuary 21, 182490 views

    Benny Hill

    Benny Hill was an English comedian and actor.Read this biography to learn more about his childhood, profile, life and timeline.

    BritishJanuary 21, 1924148 views

    Benjamin Lincoln

    Benjamin Lincoln was a major general in the Continental Army

    AmericanJanuary 24, 1733112 views

    Jim Bakker

    Jim Bakker is an American televangelist

    AmericanJanuary 2, 1940128 views


    Hadrian was Roman emperor from 117 to 138

    ItalianJanuary 24, 1976155 views

    Graham Chapman

    Graham Chapman was an English comedian who performed with the group Monty Python

    BritishJanuary 8, 1941177 views

    Gia Carangi

    Gia Carangi was one of the very first supermodels from the USA

    AmericanJanuary 29, 19602,462 views

    Django Reinhardt

    Django Reinhardt was one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century

    FrenchJanuary 23, 1910120 views

    Jay Versace

    Jay Versace is a well-known American YouTuber & Viner

    AmericanJanuary 24, 1998165 views