Famous people born in 11 January - page 3

    Robbie Burlew

    Robbie Burlew

    Robbie Burlew is an American musical.ly and Instagram star

    AmericanJanuary 11, 2001189 views

    Eve Bennett

    Eve Bennett is an English YouTube personality, best known for her videos pertaining to beauty, lifestyle and fashion

    BritishJanuary 11, 2000119 views

    Lil Twist

    Lil Twist (Christopher Lynn Moore) is an American rapper and hip-hop artist

    AmericanJanuary 11, 1993327 views

    Julie Franke

    Julie Franke is the fourth child of YouTube vloggers, Kevin and Ruby Franke

    AmericanJanuary 11, 2009167 views

    Son Ye-jin

    Son Ye-jin is a South Korean actress

    Jason Connery

    Jason Connery is a British actor and director who is best known for playing Robin Hood in the ITV television series ‘Robin of Sherwood’

    BritishJanuary 11, 1963195 views

    Zoe Quinn

    Zoe Quinn is an American video game developer and programmer

    AmericanJanuary 11, 1987156 views

    John Piper

    John Piper is a well-known Calvinistic Baptist Christian preacher and is the author of a number of evangelical publications

    AmericanJanuary 11, 1946117 views

    Jamie Vardy

    Jamie Vardy is an English footballer

    BritishJanuary 11, 19871,087 views

    Rachel Riley

    Rachel Riley is a TV presenter known for co-presenting the game show ‘Countdown.’

    BritishJanuary 11, 1986195 views