Famous people born in 20 January - page 3

    Dejah Lanay

    Dejah Lanay

    Dejah Lanay is a YouTube star who posts funny reaction and challenge videos

    AmericanJanuary 20, 2004163 views

    Buzz Aldrin

    Buzz Aldrin was a US Astronaut and was the second man to set foot on the moon

    AmericanJanuary 20, 1930277 views

    Nadira Babbar

    Nadira Babbar is a renowned Indian theatre artist

    IndianJanuary 20, 1948260 views

    Chris Harris

    Chris Harris is a well-known British automotive journalist, television presenter and racing driver

    BritishJanuary 20, 1975172 views

    Robby Novak

    Robby Novak is an American child television actor known for portraying Kid President

    AmericanJanuary 20, 2004267 views

    Evan Peters

    Evan Thomas Peters is a well-known American film and TV actor

    AmericanJanuary 20, 198787 views

    Bryan Lanning

    All about American singer, YouTube personality, videographer, and entrepreneur, Bryan Lanning including his age, birthday, girlfriends, net worth, and some fun facts.

    AmericanJanuary 20, 1990171 views

    Mike Singer

    This bio provides all facts, trivia, birthday and other details related to the personal and family life of Mike Singer.

    GermanJanuary 20, 2000270 views

    Joey Badass

    Joey Badass (Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott) is an American rapper, Hip-hop record artist and actor

    AmericanJanuary 20, 1995194 views

    Brantley Gilbert

    Brantley Keith Gilbert is a popular American country singer, songwriter and record producer

    AmericanJanuary 20, 1985112 views