Famous people born in 1920 - page 4

Federico Fellini

Federico Fellini

Federico Fellini was a renowned Italian filmmaker and scriptwriter

ItalianJanuary 20, 1920123 views

David Brinkley

David Brinkley was a well-known American newscaster and journalist

AmericanJuly 10, 1920123 views

Anatole Broyard

Anatole Broyard was a writer and an editor for ‘The New York Times’

AmericanJuly 16, 1920159 views

Amy Clampitt

Amy Clampitt was an American poet and author known for works marked by dense language and complex allusions

AmericanJune 15, 1920105 views

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton was a German-Australian fashion photographer who gained international fame with his erotic photos for various fashion magazines.

AustralianOctober 31, 1920119 views

Bill Scott

Bill Scott was a talented and gifted voice actor and writer, Go through the following lines to learn in details about his life, childhood, works and timeline.

AmericanAugust 2, 1920166 views

Mary Pinchot Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer was an American journalist and painter who became famous for her alleged affair with the former US president John F Kennedy

AmericanOctober 14, 1920294 views

Ray Bradbury

Raymond Douglas Bradbury was one of the most distinguished and celebrated American authors of the 20th and 21st century

AmericanAugust 22, 1920186 views

Yang Kyoungjong

Yang Kyoungjong was a Korean soldier, well-known as the only soldier to fight for three sides during the Second World War.

Paul Scott

Paul Scott was a British novelist who authored the tetralogy, ‘Raj Quartet’

BritishMarch 25, 1920160 views