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Simon Britton's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Simon Britton, the famous social media star; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJune 23, 1999
FamousSocial Media Personality, Social Media Stars, Teens and Kids, Vloggers
SiblingsEmily and Sophie (Sisters)
Birth PlaceBrownsburg, Indiana, USA
FatherRick Britton
MotherLori Britton
Sun SignCancer
Born inBrownsburg, Indiana, USA
Famous asSocial Media Personality

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Who is Simon Britton?

Simon Britton is one of the most loved social media personalities. Barely two years old in the profession, this YouNow superstar has more than 2 million followers who proudly call themselves Simonkey. He is all over the social media sites, be it YouNow or YouTube, Instagram or Twitter and so on. Interestingly what today seems to be the most ‘apt’ profession for Simon wasn’t actually a planned move. A soccer specialist, Simon tried his hand at broadcasting ‘just for fun’ but he eventually found his real calling in it. He loved making others happy and smile and was bowled over the fact that the profession gave him a chance to entertain others. His videos often cast his friends and family members and are mostly family-centric. Most of the videos that he shares are relatable and jovial. Interestingly, Simon has infused a number of characters in his videos, most of which he voices for himself, be it the girl voice ‘Rachael’ or nerdy guy ‘Steven’. Just two years old, his fame has caught up steadily as he walks on road to become the biggest social media star on the internet!

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

When Simon Britton took to YouNow, he was already a soccer sensation from Indiana. He was excited about connecting with his audience and thought of broadcasting on social media sites as a newer avenue that he should try. However, what started as a casual feat and a ‘just for fun’ activity soon transformed into a profession! Today, Simon Britton has over 2 million supporters in all his social media accounts starting with about 300K followers on Instagram account, about 50K subscribers on his YouTube channel, more than 70K followers on Twitter handle and about 280K on YouNow channel. Simonkey as his fans and supporters call themselves, have showered Simon with praise and appreciation for his broadcasts and videos which are ‘family friendly’ and often include good friends, family members and beloved pets. What makes him different from rest of the social media stars is that his broadcasts are relatable as he shares from his heart and has no apprehensions about being silly or funny. Interestingly, he has added variation to his posts by inducing a couple of characters which he himself voices for – the girl ‘Rachael’ and the nerdy guy ‘Steven’. Simon’s passion for making others smile and entertaining his audience is well visible in his following, as his social media family is continuously doubling in numbers. In 2016, Simon grabbed an opportunity to meet as many fans as possible by touring with Bravefest, Touring on Impact, and Boys of Summer.

What Makes Simon Britton Special

For someone who had already had his foot steady at the game of soccer, getting into social media seemed trivial! But being funny and silly that he is Simon soon found his real calling in it. Today, he has an extended family of his own in social media, his fans and supporters who call themselves Simonkey. What started as a ‘just for fun’ activity soon transformed into a profession as Simon realized that he really enjoyed connecting with his audience and had a passion for entertaining others and making them happy. The fact that as a social media star he gets an opportunity to tour the country and meet his fans and supporters face to face also makes him excited and keyed up. Only a few can claim to give up on their happiness and instead make others smile, giggle and smirk, their life’s objective! And that is what differentiates this teen soccer and social media star from the rest.

Beyond Fame

You may know him because of his status as a social media personality or due to his funny uploads and video on YouNow and YouTube but there is more to Simon Britton than just being an internet personality. He is one of the finest soccer players from Indiana. Before turning his attention to uploading videos on social media sites, Simon Britton concentrated his forces on playing soccer. He has been playing the sport ever since he was four years of age. He is excellent at the game and very well versed with its techniques and tricks. A soccer player, it was only during the summer of 2014 that Britton casually picked up on his love for uploading videos and uploads on social media sites. No sooner, it turned into his passion and eventually his profession. Though the fame that he enjoys today is due to his status as a social media star, none can deny that his soccer skills are well worth a round of applause too!

Behind The Curtains

Simon Britton was born on June 23, 1999 in Brownsburg, Indiana to Lori and Rick Britton. He has two sister siblings, Emily and Sophie Britton. As a child, Simon loved playing soccer. Still early in his career, Britton is one of the most loved social media sensations and has a string of popular videos on YouTube and YouNow. However, of all the videos posted by him, the ones’ titled 'Whisper Challenge' and 'Whipped Cream and Gummy Worm Challenge' are most popular.

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Simon Britton's FAQ

  • What is Simon Britton birthday?

    Simon Britton was born at 1999-06-23

  • Where is Simon Britton's birth place?

    Simon Britton was born in Brownsburg, Indiana, USA

  • What is Simon Britton nationalities?

    Simon Britton's nationalities is American

  • Who is Simon Britton siblings?

    Simon Britton's siblings is Emily and Sophie (Sisters)

  • Who is Simon Britton's father?

    Simon Britton's father is Rick Britton

  • Who is Simon Britton's mother?

    Simon Britton's mother is Lori Britton

  • What is Simon Britton's sun sign?

    Simon Britton is Cancer

  • How famous is Simon Britton?

    Simon Britton is famouse as Social Media Personality

  • What is Simon Britton's twitter?

    Simon Britton's twitter is

  • What is Simon Britton's youtube?

    Simon Britton's youtube is

  • What is Simon Britton's instagram?

    Simon Britton's instagram is

  • What is Simon Britton's younow?

    Simon Britton's younow is