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Paige Mackenzie Hyland's Personal Details

Paige Mackenzie Hyland is an American dancer, fashion model and social media personality

BirthdayNovember 1, 2000
FamousModels, Social Media Personality, Dancers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
SiblingsBrooke Hyland
Known asPaigey Mack
  • Franklin Regional High School
Birth PlacePennsylvania, United States
FatherRandy Hyland
MotherKelly Hyland
Sun SignScorpio
Born inPennsylvania, United States
Famous asDancer, Model & Social Media Personality

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Who is Paige Mackenzie Hyland?

Paige Hyland is popularly known for her participation in the television dance series, ‘Dance Moms.’She is a born dancer; she began her dance training at the age of two. Dance seems to run in the Hyland family’s blood as her mother and siblings are excellent dancers as well. As a young teenager, she is confident and hardworking, thus it is no surprise that she has a mega fan following on Instagram with over three million subscribers. She is highly athletic and her best stylesareacrobatic and theatre dance. She is best friends with the popular Chloe Lukasiak, also a star of the same reality show.The two have been inseparable from the age of two and are also mistaken for twins as they share distinctly similar features. Paige has keen interest in modelling and has all the potential to make in big on the ramp.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

When Paige was nine, she starred on the ‘Dance Moms’ reality show with her elder sister Brooke. Paige had been trained by the Abby Lee Dance Company since she was a little girl. Though she was considered the weakest member on her team by Abby in the reality show, she gained plenty of fans. Paige and her mother often spoke of Abby treating her indifferently; she allegedly didn’t provide Paige plenty of opportunities to thrive in the show. And after the success of their first two seasons, her mother Kelly and Abby had an argument that turned ugly and Paige left the show, never to return to the dance series again. This young girl didn’t let the unfortunate turn of events take over her life, she quickly reactivated her YouTube channeland posted videos with her family, largely comprising of question and answer sessions, dance uploads and routines. To her surprise she quickly acquired more than 550K subscribers, which hasn’t stopped growing. In fact, she makes it a point to upload a new video to her page monthly. Thus, she keeps the content on her channel fresh and updated.

What Makes Paige So Special

Paige is a beautiful, charming and talented girl. But what makes her so special besides the fact that she is an excellent dancer is that she is an obedient and hardworking girl. As a very young girl, Paige had seen a lot of ups and downs on ‘Dance Moms’, even days when she was brought to tears. Her mother in an interview stated that Paige had been subjected to ‘negativity’; however she didn’t let it overcome her. She continues to work hard and achieve the goals that she has set for herself. She is a brilliant student in class and loves maths. Along with being an endearing teenager, she is also a wonderful daughter and sibling. Her honesty makes her shine through.

Beyond Fame

After her fallout with the television show ‘Dance Moms’, she hasn’t featured on any other television series. She is busy studying and aspires to graduate in Political Science. She has taken a keen fascination to sports lately and rigorously practices volleyball. Paige hasn’t stopped dancing; she continues to learn dancing at different academies. When speaking to IBT about dance classes she said, “Different teachers teach different ways, so that’s nice.” This optimism reflects her love of learning. She continues to be in the limelight through YouTube but is currently focusing on her studies. In an interview she stated that she loves children and wants to grow up and open her own studio where she can teach dancing.

Behind the Curtains

She was born in Pennsylvania to Randy Hyland and Kelly Hyland. She has two siblings who possess the same passion for dance; Brooke, her elder sister and her elder brother, Josh. She shares a brilliant bond with both her siblings, but has fewer arguments with her brother as compared with her sister. Paige briefly dated Nick Kelly and uploaded pictures of them on Instagram but the couple parted ways thereafter. While dating,the two often broke up and patched up until their relationship finally ended. She is currently single and seems to be having a blast with her girlfriends, school life and her interest as a YouTuber.


After Paige underwent immense stress at the reality show ‘Dance Moms’, she filed a lawsuit against the producers of the show.

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Paige Mackenzie Hyland's FAQ

  • What is Paige Mackenzie Hyland birthday?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland was born at 2000-11-01

  • Where is Paige Mackenzie Hyland's birth place?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland was born in Pennsylvania, United States

  • What is Paige Mackenzie Hyland nationalities?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland's nationalities is American

  • Who is Paige Mackenzie Hyland siblings?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland's siblings is Brooke Hyland

  • What was Paige Mackenzie Hyland universities?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland studied at Franklin Regional High School

  • Who is Paige Mackenzie Hyland's father?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland's father is Randy Hyland

  • Who is Paige Mackenzie Hyland's mother?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland's mother is Kelly Hyland

  • What is Paige Mackenzie Hyland's sun sign?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland is Scorpio

  • How famous is Paige Mackenzie Hyland?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland is famouse as Dancer, Model & Social Media Personality

  • What is Paige Mackenzie Hyland's facebook?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland's facebook is

  • What is Paige Mackenzie Hyland's twitter?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland's twitter is

  • What is Paige Mackenzie Hyland's instagram?

    Paige Mackenzie Hyland's instagram is