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WolfieRaps's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about WolfieRaps, the famous YouTube Personality; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJune 15, 1993
FamousYoutube Personality, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Comedy YouTubers, Rappers
SiblingsQuintessa Evangeline Raynor, Zach Raynor
Known asKing Wolfie, Charles Raynor
  • Graduate in Business – Marketing Degree in Carleton University
  • Ottawa
  • Canada
Birth PlaceLondon, Ontario
Net Worth$1.6 million as of Feb 14,2017
Sun SignGemini
Born inLondon, Ontario
Famous asYouTube Personality, Rapper

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Who is WolfieRaps?

Charles Raynor a.k.a WolfieRaps is a fun-loving YouTuber and a talented Rapper. He started his channel, ‘WolfieEnt’ on August 2013. His first popular work was the remix of Drake’s popular song, ‘Versace’. He became a fulltime YouTuber, maintaining and producing more videos for his channel in 2016 after he graduated from college. Some of the other YouTubers like, David Parody and Team ALBOE are also said to have helped in the making and up-bringing of the channel. With over 4 million likes, Wolfie is one of the most loved YouTubers of this generation. His goals are as he says, “It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s an absolute banger.” His parodies and reaction videos are posted on his main channel, ‘Wolfie Raps’ while his vlogs can be found in his other channel ‘More Wolfie’.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Wolfie started a channel called ‘Thosechoobz’ before he went to college. He started making videos just for fun and not for monetary purposes. He like to make remix of songs and raps so he later created other channels like ‘Terribadz’, ‘TheSquids’, ‘DemHoodNiggs’, ‘CeeRayzTV’ and ‘WofieEnt’. As we know, only the ‘WolfieEnt’ channel is now the most active and he considers it as his primary channel. His early videos on YouTube were mostly raps and remixes which he made out of original tracks by others. In a few months he got over a hundred thousand likes and subscriptions. He is now one of the most famous YouTubers out there, so much so that even the famous singer Justin Beiber also follows him on twitter. Wolfie has pinned saying, “Appreciate the love fam. Purpose was an amazing album” on his twitter page.

What Makes WolfieRaps So Special

Current generation’s attention span is almost like that of a squirrel’s and to achieve any sort of compliment from them is not an easy task. Wolfie knows this and gives them exactly what they want – cheesy comedy and interesting challenges which is totally out of the box. Comical body language and a signature smirk on his face is in itself a click bait frame, although his Twitter description says “Professional YouTuber and Clickbait GOD”. His idea of comedy is as fast paced and wild as he calls it, the ‘Savage’ way of doing things. Wolfie’s YouTube description demands people to be involved and to stay active in social media, this clearly shows the amount of interaction he welcomes from the community. He calls his community along with his family and personal friends the “Wolf Fam”. These are just a gist of what lays waiting for the viewer who visits his channel.

Beyond Fame

Considering the intense competition in the hoods of North America to become a Rapper only a few actually have what it takes to boombox the roofs off. Wolfie is one such budding rapper, who is marking a mark for himself and is definitely here to stay. His first cover was a mix he made on Drake’s ‘Versace’ that was loved immensely by his fans. He has also made covers on tracks from Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown and Kid Ink.

Behind The Curtains

He was born as Charles Raynor, in London, Ontario and has two siblings named Quintessa and Zach. Quintessa is a dancer and a budding rapper whereas Zach a.k.a ‘Roary’ is a lead singer in a Band called ‘The Lionyls’. Wolfie is now dating another YouTube star and a lifestyle blogger, Sylvia Gani. He also likes involving his family members in his videos although he often keeps their real identities hidden.


Wolfie’s dad used to appear in his videos always wearing a mask. Later in 2016, his face was revealed as he loses a challenge against his wife.

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WolfieRaps's FAQ

  • What is WolfieRaps birthday?

    WolfieRaps was born at 1993-06-15

  • Where is WolfieRaps's birth place?

    WolfieRaps was born in London, Ontario

  • What is WolfieRaps nationalities?

    WolfieRaps's nationalities is Canadian

  • Who is WolfieRaps siblings?

    WolfieRaps's siblings is Quintessa Evangeline Raynor, Zach Raynor

  • What was WolfieRaps universities?

    WolfieRaps studied at Graduate in Business – Marketing Degree in Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

  • How tall is WolfieRaps?

    WolfieRaps's height is 196

  • Who is WolfieRaps's father?

    WolfieRaps's father is M

  • Who is WolfieRaps's mother?

    WolfieRaps's mother is Mandy

  • What is WolfieRaps's sun sign?

    WolfieRaps is Gemini

  • How famous is WolfieRaps?

    WolfieRaps is famouse as YouTube Personality, Rapper

  • What is WolfieRaps's twitter?

    WolfieRaps's twitter is https://twitter.com/wolfieraps

  • What is WolfieRaps's instagram?

    WolfieRaps's instagram is http://instagram.com/wolfieraps