Famous people born in 1993 - page 24

    FaZe Jev

    FaZe Jev

    This bio about FaZe Jev profiles the young celeb’s personal life and spills a lot of information, such as his birthday, girlfriends, fun facts and trivia related to the life of the social media star.

    AmericanOctober 18, 1993337 views


    Larissa de Macedo Machado, more famous as Anitta, is a Brazilian recording artist, songwriter, actor, dancer, and entrepreneur

    BrazilianMarch 30, 1993383 views

    Chance the Rapper

    Chance the Rapper is an American hip hop artist best known for his mixtape ‘Coloring Book’

    AmericanApril 16, 1993173 views

    Tom Cassell

    This bio gives all possible information about Tom Cassell, his birthday, relationships, professional as well as family life and so on

    BritishJune 23, 1993139 views

    Marcus Mariota

    Marcus Mariota is an American football player

    AmericanOctober 30, 1993109 views

    Alia Bhatt

    Alia Bhatt is an Indian actress who works in Hindi films

    IndianMarch 15, 1993216 views

    Halston Sage

    Halston Sage is a popular American actress and model

    AmericanMay 10, 1993469 views

    Paulo Dybala

    Paulo Dybala is an Argentinian footballer, who is renowned for his impeccable style of play and the ability to score goals

    ItalianNovember 15, 1993133 views

    Ross Barkley

    Ross Barkley is an English professional footballer

    BritishDecember 5, 1993481 views

    Paul Pogba

    Paul Pogba is a French footballer

    FrenchMarch 15, 1993273 views