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Josh Temple's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Josh Temple (Slogoman), the famous British YouTube Personality; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayMay 16, 1997
FamousYoutube Personality, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Gamers
Known asSlogoman
  • Studied psychology in collage
Birth PlaceEngland
Net Worth$1 million as of Mar 23,2017
Sun SignTaurus
Born inEngland
Famous asYouTube Personality

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Who is Josh Temple?

If you are in that phase of your life where online gaming is all you can think of then, Josh Temple is one guy you would have defiantly bumped into. With over 3 million subscribers and an unbelievable number of views on his channel, Josh Temple is proudly one of the most loved YouTubers of this generation. Apart from uploading all sorts of gaming videos, this 19-year-old teenager has also posted a couple of question-answer sessions with his sisters that were loved by his fans. Josh is fondly called as, ‘Slogoman’; his main channel also goes by the same name, ‘Slogoman.' His fame and popularity has increased to such extents that other famous YouTubers like Jordi Van den Bussche, popularly known as, ‘Kwebbelkop’ and Jelle Van Vucht, who is famously called, ‘Jelly’ have worked with him. Josh also posts a lot of real life videos and challenges that people love and come back to his channel for unmatched entertainment. In a small span of just 3 years, Josh Temple has become a huge name in the world of videos and is a heart-throb for millions.

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The Meteoric Rise To Freedom

Josh Temple started off his life just like any other boy who pursued his education in the field of psychology. He was very fond of sports and tried his hand at many games but it was rugby that found a special place in his life. However, destiny had different plans for him and Josh gave up his interest in sports to build a career on YouTube. On August 4, 2013 he walked into the world of videos and ever since there has been no looking back whatsoever. He started out his career by postings videos only with GTA gameplays, however, soon after accumulating a dedicated fan following, Temple started uploading videos about other games too. He has earned over 3 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel in all of just 3 years. Temple also has 454 thousand followers on Instagram, close to 140 thousand fans on twitter and over 86 thousand followers on his face book page. Such huge fan followings speak volumes about his worth in the market and his fantastic rapport with fans.

What Makes Josh Temple Special

Josh has a special connect with the audience, which is apparent by the number of subscribers he has gathered in all of just 3 years. He has a way with the crowd and reaches out to them in his own special way. He also posts a couple of real life videos so that his followers also get an insight about the kind of person he is in real life. Josh is also very fond of dogs and has two of his own called, Poppy and Lily. This dog lover is ruling over the hearts of millions and is definitely here to stay.

Beyond Fame

Apart from being a phenomenally successful YouTuber, Josh Temple still finds happiness in the small things of life. He loves travelling to different places of the world and knowing more about their culture. In October 2015, Josh and his YouTuber buddy Jordi Van den Bussche (Kwebbelkop) travelled together to Switzerland. Josh is also a very family person and his love for his sister Amelia, is apparent in their YouTube videos together. The way they pull each other leg, is hilarious and super fun to watch.

Behind The Curtains

Josh Temple was born in England on May 16, 1997. He studied phycology in college and was very interested in sports, especially rugby. However, his passion for making it big in the world of videos was so huge that, he gave up his love for sports to start a fulltime business as an entrepreneur for his YouTube channel, ‘Slogoman’. He is very fond of his sister Amelia who is a popular Instagram star.

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Josh Temple's FAQ

  • What is Josh Temple birthday?

    Josh Temple was born at 1997-05-16

  • Where is Josh Temple's birth place?

    Josh Temple was born in England

  • What is Josh Temple nationalities?

    Josh Temple's nationalities is British

  • Who is Josh Temple siblings?

    Josh Temple's siblings is Amelia

  • What was Josh Temple universities?

    Josh Temple studied at Studied psychology in collage

  • What is Josh Temple's sun sign?

    Josh Temple is Taurus

  • How famous is Josh Temple?

    Josh Temple is famouse as YouTube Personality

  • What is Josh Temple's facebook?

    Josh Temple's facebook is

  • What is Josh Temple's twitter?

    Josh Temple's twitter is

  • What is Josh Temple's youtube?

    Josh Temple's youtube is

  • What is Josh Temple's instagram?

    Josh Temple's instagram is