Famous people died this month

Find out the Famous Peoples died this month who are Musicians, Sportspersons, Writers and more. This list contain Famous people died this month including Charles Bukowski, Selena, Johnny Appleseed, Ludwig van Beethoven, Sarojini Naidu and many more Celebrities.

The Most Famous people died this month

Charles BukowskiAugust 16, 1920German, AmericanCharles Bukowski was a German-born American novelist, short story writer and poet
SelenaApril 16, 1971AmericanSelena Quintanilla-Pérez, famously known as the ‘Queen of Tejano music’, was a Mexican-American singer, composer, actress, spokesperson and fashion designer
Johnny AppleseedSeptember 26, 1774AmericanJohnny Appleseed was a legendary American nurseryman who is credited with the introduction of apple trees in large parts of the US
Ludwig van BeethovenDecember 16, 1770GermanLudwig Van Beethoven was one of the greatest composers the world has ever had
Sarojini NaiduFebruary 13, 1879IndianSarojini Naidu was an Indian freedom fighter and poet
Lev YashinOctober 22, 1929RussianLev Yashin was a footballer who played for Soviet Russia
Olga HepnarováJune 30, 1951CzechOlga Hepnarová was a Czech murderer executed for killing eight people with a truck in 1973
Edmond DédéNovember 20, 1827AmericanRead on to know more about the childhood, life and timeline of this Violinist and composer who proved his mettle as a child prodigy.
Alexander AlekhineOctober 31, 1892Portuguese, RussianAlexander Alekhine was a celebrated chess player of Russia
Isaac NewtonJanuary 4, 1643BritishIsaac Newton was an English scientist and mathematician, who discovered gravitation and Newtonian Mechanics
Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski was a German-born American novelist, short story writer and poet

GermanAugust 16, 19201,866 views

Cecil John Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes was a politician cum businessman who founded the diamond company De Beers

BritishJuly 5, 1853139 views

Corey Haim

Corey Ian Haim was a Canadian actor who was quite popular during the 1980s as a teen idol

CanadianDecember 23, 1971321 views

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee was an American actor and martial artist

Chuck Barris

Chuck Barris was an American game show creator, producer, and host

AmericanJune 3, 1929168 views

Lou Costello

Louis Francis ‘Lou’ Cristillo, better known by stage name Lou Costello, was a famous American burlesque comedian and actor

AmericanMarch 6, 1906260 views

John Candy

John Candy was a Canadian actor known for his work in Hollywood films

CanadianOctober 31, 1950248 views

John Wesley

John Wesley was an Anglican cleric & theologian, who founded the Methodist movement

BritishJune 17, 1703155 views


Emanuel Swedenborg is one of the most prominent persons in Swedish history

SwedishJanuary 29, 1688141 views

Philo Farnsworth

Philo Farnsworth was an inventor who invented the fully functional all-electronic TV

AmericanAugust 19, 1906180 views