Famous Mexican

The Most Famous Mexican

Africa ZavalaAugust 12, 1985MexicanCheck out all that you wanted to know about Africa Zavala, the popular Mexican actress; her birthday, family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.
Eiza GonzálezJanuary 30, 1990MexicanEiza González Reyna is a Mexican actress and singer
Ariel CamachoJuly 8, 1992MexicanAriel Camacho was a popular Mexican singer-songwriter
Emiliano ZapataAugust 8, 1879MexicanEmiliano Zapata was a Mexican revolutionary leader and one of the most important figures of the Mexican Revolution.
Mario BautistaMarch 5, 1996MexicanMario Bautista is a famous Mexican pop singer, R&B dancer, and social media star
José BastónApril 13, 1968MexicanJosé Bastón is a Mexican entrepreneur
Paulina GotoJuly 29, 1991MexicanPaulina Goto is a Mexican actress, singer, and TV host
Salma HayekSeptember 2, 1966MexicanSalma Hayek is a Mexican-American actress born of Spanish-Lebanese parents
Sebb ArgoSeptember 20, 1995MexicanSebb Argo is a Mexican YouTuber best recognized for publishing fun vlogs
Emma Coronel AispuroJuly 3, 1989MexicanEmma Coronel Aispuro is a former Mexican beauty queen and the wife of Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman Loera
Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes was a Mexican novelist, diplomat and scholar who was an important influence on the Latin American Boom Movement

MexicanNovember 11, 1928176 views

Kate del Castillo

Kate del Castillo is a well-known Mexican actress

MexicanOctober 23, 1972161 views

Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi is a Mexican singer, songwriter, and occasional actress

MexicanFebruary 15, 1968275 views


Chespirito was a Mexican screenwriter, comedian, actor, songwriter and director

MexicanFebruary 21, 1929318 views

Juanpa Zurita

Juanpa Zurita (Juan Pablo Zurita) is a well-known Mexican YouTube and social media personality

MexicanMarch 29, 1996291 views


Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno-Reyes, popularly known as as Cantinflas, was a Mexican comic film actor, producer, and screenwriter

MexicanAugust 12, 1911426 views

Yulema Ramirez

Check out all that you wanted to know about Yulema Ramirez, the famous Mexican-American Musical.ly star & YouTube personality; her birthday, family and personal life, boyfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

MexicanSeptember 12, 1997250 views

Enrique Peña Nieto

Enrique Peña Nieto is the 57th President of Mexico, in office since 2012

MexicanJuly 20, 1966148 views

Alfonso García Robles

Alfonso García Robles was a Mexican diplomat who was the driving force behind the Treaty of Tlatelolco

MexicanMarch 20, 1911129 views

Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington was an English-born Mexican artist and painter

MexicanApril 6, 1917208 views