Famous people born in 1879

Owen Willans Richardson

Owen Willans Richardson

Sir Owen Willans Richardson was a British physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1928 for his work on thermionic phenomenon

BritishApril 26, 1879112 views

Norman Lindsay

Norman Lindsay was an Australian artist, etcher, sculptor, writer, illustrator, scale modeler, and amateur boxer

Max von Laue

Max von Laue or Max Theodor Felix von Laue was a German physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1914.

GermanOctober 9, 1879116 views

Samuel Goldwyn

Samuel Goldwyn was one of the leading film producers of America

AmericanAugust 17, 1879102 views

William Beveridge

William Beveridge was a British social reformer and economist who came into prominence for his 1942 Beveridge Report

BritishMarch 5, 1879161 views

Agnes Arber

Agnes Arber was one of the most eminent botanists whose researches based on plant morphology hold good till date

BritishFebruary 23, 1879142 views

Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Malevich is a pioneer of the Suprematism movement in Art and is known for his works like the 'Black Square' and 'Suprematist Composition'

RussianFebruary 23, 1879119 views

Knud Rasmussen

Knud Rasmussen was a famous Danish explorer who conducted seven explorations to Greenland and Arctic Circle for documenting the life of Inuits

GreenlanderJune 7, 1879156 views

Edward Steichen

Edward Steichen was a Luxembourgian-American photographer and painter.This biography gives detailed information about his childhood, life, works and timeline.

AmericanMarch 27, 1879118 views

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is popularly known as the Father of Modern Physics

GermanMarch 14, 1879155 views