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Riele Downs's Personal Details

Riele Downs is a Canadian-American actress & Musical.ly star

BirthdayJuly 8, 2001
FamousFilm & Theater Personalities, Actresses, Child Actors
SiblingsReiya Downs
Known asRiele
Birth PlaceToronto
MotherElle Downs
Sun SignCancer
Born inToronto
Famous asActress

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Who is Riele Downs?

The popular character of Charlotte Bolton in Nickelodeon’s ‘Henry Danger’ is played by the talented actress, Riele Downs. With the support of a family pursuing the same profession, this fifteen year old girl is a pro when it comes to acting. Her effortless comical portrayal of the character can leave one guffawing for minutes. Riele has grown as a performer ever since her first television appearance in ‘A Russell Peters Christmas Special’ in 2011. Thus, it’s been more than five years that this young lady is ruling both Canadian television and big screen. She has a fan following of 711K followers on Instagram and over 38.8K followers on Twitter, but she has beaten all odds on the popular Musical.ly app with a growing 1.1 million fans. Her content is creative and reflects the zeal she beams with. Her co-stars also find their way into her musical.ly uploads along with her sister’s special appearances.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Following the footsteps of both her mother and sister, Riele also took to television. At the age of four, she stood before rolling cameras as a child actress in the movie, ‘Four Brothers’ in a small role. After this Hollywood stint she landed a television appearance in 2011. But her real breakthrough aired in 2013, when she starred in the movie ‘The Best Man Holiday’ and the following year in ‘The Gabby Douglas Story’. In 2014, the same year, she was cast in the comic show ‘Henry Danger.’ Recently she has turned a Musical.ly sensation too, creating a place for herself on social media. Undeniably, it is her diverse acting skills that make her ‘musical.ly’ videos extremely popular as they are novel, agile and funny all at once.

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What Makes Riele So Special

Needless to mention, it is obviously her performance growth and her adaptability that sets her apart. Unlike teens her age, she has it all sorted out. Riele has made several appearances in movies and yet she is humble. In an interview she stated that she has done several roles of different genres and has learnt a lot from each of them and hopes to do better work in the years to come. She bonds well with her co-stars and has a gala time on the sets. She idolizes her mother not only professionally but on a personal level as well. She has made it big in the industry on her own strength. Her talent is evident from her performances. Even when she joined the Musical.ly app, she didn’t copy content;her uploads were original, which made it even more fun to watch. She has a beautiful smile and is always budding with positive energy.

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Beyond Fame

Apart from grabbing all the attention on television and social media, she loves gymnastics; she istrained in it and continues to do gymnastics. What is most interesting is that she is a wonderful artist too and she has impeccable drawing skills. Just like herself, she loves everything sweet. Her favorite go-to food is a pumpkin pie. She is an avid reader, with her favorite collection being the ‘The Percy Jackson Series’. She not only shares screen space with Ella Anderson but is also her close friend. The two release duet musical.ly videos that are funny and cute at the same time. When asked what she aspires to do in future, she replied that she expects to continue acting and make a name for herself just like her favorite stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, and Robert Downey Jr.

I think he liked my hair... ?? @ellaanderson4u (my eyebrows are like this for the show ?) #monkeybusiness

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Behind The Curtains

Raised in Canada, she is the daughter of Elle Downs, and the younger sister of Reiya Downs, also an actress in the sitcom on Netflix, ‘Degrassi.’ Both siblings are equally talented and support each other. She often hangs out after shoots with her co-stars. They have plenty of fun together by playing pranks on each other. She is bright and intelligent and loves school. She isn’t dating anyone currently and has never been seen with a boyfriend. Though, rumors were rife that she was secretly dating her co-star Jace Norman, which was put to rest when she stated in an interview that she was focusing only on acting and her studies.


Despite being a popular sitcom star, the world doesn’t know who her father is. She has never mentioned him, and rumor suggests that her parents are separated.

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Riele Downs's FAQ

  • What is Riele Downs birthday?

    Riele Downs was born at 2001-07-08

  • Where is Riele Downs's birth place?

    Riele Downs was born in Toronto

  • What is Riele Downs nationalities?

    Riele Downs's nationalities is Canadian

  • Who is Riele Downs siblings?

    Riele Downs's siblings is Reiya Downs

  • Who is Riele Downs's father?

    Riele Downs's father is E

  • Who is Riele Downs's mother?

    Riele Downs's mother is Elle Downs

  • What is Riele Downs's sun sign?

    Riele Downs is Cancer

  • How famous is Riele Downs?

    Riele Downs is famouse as Actress

  • What is Riele Downs's twitter?

    Riele Downs's twitter is https://twitter.com/rieledowns

  • What is Riele Downs's instagram?

    Riele Downs's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/rieledowns/