Famous people born today

Find out the Famous Peoples born today who are Film & Theater Personalities, Actors, YouTubers and more. This list contain Famous people born today including Sunny Hostin, Snoop Dogg, NBA YoungBoy, Candice Swanepoel, Daniel Weber and many more Celebrities.

The Most Famous people born today

Sunny HostinOctober 20, 1968AmericanSunny Hostin is an American lawyer, social commentator, columnist and journalist
Snoop DoggOctober 20, 1971AmericanSnoop Dogg is an American rapper and actor who emerged as one of the best-known figures in gangsta rap during the 1990s
NBA YoungBoyOctober 20, 1999AmericanNBA YoungBoy is an American Rapper
Candice SwanepoelOctober 20, 1988South AfricanCandice Swanepoel is a South African supermodel, associated with the popular brand Victoria’s Secret
Daniel WeberOctober 20, 1978AmericanDaniel Weber is an American actor, producer, and husband of Sunny Leone
Ronnie BanksOctober 20, 1997AmericanRonnie Banks is an American 'Vine' artist, model, actor, rapper, singer, songwriter, and YouTuber
Mitch LuckerOctober 20, 1984AmericanMitch Lucker was an American musician, best known as the lead singer of the heavy-metal band ‘Suicide Silence.’ This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, family, personal life, etc.
Audrey NetheryOctober 20, 2008AmericanAudrey Nethery is an American social-media influencer
John KrasinskiOctober 20, 1979AmericanJohn Krasinski is a famous American actor, director and writer
Jomo KenyattaOctober 20, 1891KenyanJomo Kenyatta was a Kenyan politician, who served as the Prime Minister and later the President of Kenya
Jomo Kenyatta

Jomo Kenyatta

Jomo Kenyatta was a Kenyan politician, who served as the Prime Minister and later the President of Kenya

KenyanOctober 20, 1891227 views

Tom Petty

Tom Petty was a singer best known as the frontman of ‘Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’

AmericanOctober 20, 1950103 views

Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle was a renowned American professional baseball player

AmericanOctober 20, 1931109 views

Cyn Santana

Check out all that you wanted to know about Cyn Santana, the famous American model & Instagram star; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

AmericanOctober 20, 1992213 views

Sydel Curry

Learn about Sydel Curry, the famous American Indoor Collegiate Volleyball Player; her birthday, what she did before fame, her family life, fun trivia facts and more.

AmericanOctober 20, 1994127 views

D. S. Senanayake

Don Stephen Senanayake respected as the ‘Father of the Nation’, was the first Prime Minister of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)

Sri LankanOctober 20, 1883141 views

James Chadwick

Sir James Chadwick CH was an English physicist, who won the 1935 Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of neutron

BritishOctober 20, 1891172 views

Elfriede Jelinek

Elfriede Jelinek is a Nobel Prize winning Austrian novelist and playwright

AustrianOctober 20, 1946103 views

Aelbert Cuyp

Aelbert Jacobsz Cuyp was one of the leading Dutch landscape painters

DutchOctober 20, 1620103 views

Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard

Christiane Nusslein-Volhard is a famous Nobel Prize winning German biologist who studied genetic control of embryonic development in drosophila

GermanOctober 20, 1942151 views