Famous people born in 1991

    Daniel Middleton

    Daniel Middleton

    Daniel Middleton is a British YouTuber, gamer and social media celebrity

    Meghan McCarthy

    Meghan McCarthy is an American lyricist, voice-over artist and YouTuber

    AmericanNovember 22, 1991114 views

    Gabrielle Jeanette Hanna

    Gabbie Hanna is a famous American social media celebrity

    Amanda Cerny

    Amanda Cerny is a very famous American YouTube personality, actress and Vine star

    AmericanJune 26, 1991262 views

    Chase Ryan

    Check out all that you wanted to know about Chase Ryan, the famous American pop singer; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

    AmericanJanuary 30, 1991183 views

    Daniel James Howell

    Daniel James Howell is a famous British vlogger, YouTube personality, and radio host

    BritishJune 11, 1991103 views

    Louis Tomlinson

    Louis Tomlinson is an English pop singer, one of the members of the boy band ‘One Direction’

    BritishDecember 24, 199156 views

    James Rodríguez

    James Rodríguez is a Colombian professional footballer who is often ranked among the best young players in the world

    ColombianJuly 12, 1991138 views

    Francisco Lachowski

    Brazil-born Francisco Lachowski is a top supermodel in the fashion world

    BrazilianMay 13, 1991280 views

    Madison Nicole Fisher

    Madison Nicole Fisher is an American actress and YouTuber

    AmericanDecember 20, 1991129 views