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Jordan Carver's Personal Details

Jordan Carver is a famous German model

BirthdayJanuary 30, 1986
FamousModels, Fashion, Models, Actresses
Nick namesIna-Maria Schnitzer
SpousesDavid Sebastian
Birth PlaceTrier, Germany
Sun SignAquarius
Born inTrier, Germany
Famous asModel & actress

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Who is Jordan Carver?

The passionate and hardworking German model and successful entrepreneur, Jordan Carver is steadily taking over the fashion industry and has become an international figure and spokesperson for the gigantic German consumer electronics company ‘Redcoon’. She is now a rage on social media with over two million followers on her ‘Instagram’ account and around 190,000 followers on ‘Twitter’, but it was ‘Facebook’ that got the ball rolling, when her photo-shoots and videos went viral overnight grabbing the attention of multitudes. Her slim body and voluptuous figure has placed her amongst the top most glamour and lingerie models. From a hotel manager to a make up artist and finally a model cum entrepreneur, she has come a long way in her career. In 2016, Jordan announced that she was going to be a mother soon and in 2017 she uploaded a picture of her gorgeous son on ‘Instagram’ with the caption “Being a new mom to my little angel”.

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After completing high school, she enrolled as an apprentice in the hotel industry and climbed to the position of hotel manager quickly yet she wasn’t content with her career. She shifted to the fashion world, but settled on working behind the cameras as a makeup artist for a mega French brand. It was during a photo-shoot when a photographer encouraged her to take up modeling. Thus, she took a shot at modeling and success came springing after her. She soon launched her own website and signed several modeling assignments for lingerie and glamour magazines and brands.

In pursuit of growth, she moved to Los Angeles and soon became an international model. In 2010, she first appeared on television on the ‘WGN Morning News’ show. By 2011, she made several TV appearances and was also contracted for ‘ZOO’ Magazine. She has appeared on the cover page of the ‘ZOO Magazine’ six times, and has been the first German model to make it to the cover page of the magazine. She launched her own business soon after and has also released a yoga fitness DVD for beginners. Jordan became an actress with the independent film ‘Who Killed Johnny’. Thereafter, she created a ‘YouTube’ channel by the name ‘JordanCarverTV’ where she uploads fitness videos and has over 100,000 subscribers to her channel.

Jordan has an equally large female fan following to that of her male fans, which is due to her casual and trendy fashionable attires. She is not only popular for her voluptuous figure, but is known to be a successful entrepreneur too! *She flaunts minimal makeup and largely sports natural beauty. Lately, she has been inspiring women around the globe to eat right and stay fit. She may have seen several ups and downs in her career but she has worked meticulously with unending perseverance, finally earning the recognition she deserves.

Beyond Fame

Jordan is a workaholic; she loves working and keeping herself busy, but when it comes to relaxing, she spends the day off with her son. She often takes her son along wherever she goes. She has several pictures of her son on ‘Instagram’ and loves the experience of motherhood.

She usually hangs out with her designer and model friends. She is a music lover and hopes to make a mark in the entertainment and film industry soon.

Personal Life

Jordan Carver was born in Germany in 1986. She is of Italian decent. She attended regular school. She has a brother, but not much is known about her family. She grew up like a tomboy, playing mostly with her brother and his friends. They used to build tree houses and play soccer. After graduating from high school she turned towards establishing a career and chose not to continue with further education.

She has been in quite a few relationships, but none have lasted very long. Thus, rumors were rife that she was a lesbian. However, she shunned such rumors and stated that it was difficult for men to be comfortable with skin-show and the male attention that she received owing to her profession, is the reason she hasn’t tied the knot yet.

She delivered a baby boy in 2016 and has chosen not to disclose who the father is. Presently, she resides in California and is hoping to expand her business and secure the future of her infant. She intends to get married once the right man comes along.

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Jordan Carver's FAQ

  • What is Jordan Carver birthday?

    Jordan Carver was born at 1986-01-30

  • Where is Jordan Carver's birth place?

    Jordan Carver was born in Trier, Germany

  • What is Jordan Carver nationalities?

    Jordan Carver's nationalities is German

  • What is Jordan Carver nick names?

    Jordan Carver's nickNames is Ina-Maria Schnitzer

  • Who is Jordan Carver spouses?

    Jordan Carver's spouses is David Sebastian

  • How tall is Jordan Carver?

    Jordan Carver's height is 168

  • What is Jordan Carver's sun sign?

    Jordan Carver is Aquarius

  • How famous is Jordan Carver?

    Jordan Carver is famouse as Model & actress

  • What is Jordan Carver's facebook?

    Jordan Carver's facebook is

  • What is Jordan Carver's twitter?

    Jordan Carver's twitter is

  • What is Jordan Carver's instagram?

    Jordan Carver's instagram is

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