A model may refer to any person who is employed in order to advertise, promote or market either products or services. Models may work in different fields such as fashion, advertising, print media and other kinds of media like television, magazines, shows, music videos, reality television or even the internet. The profession of modeling was first introduced by English designer, Charles Frederick Worth, who had requested his wife to wear and display the clothes that he had designed. Subsequently, the need for fashion models increased with the development of the field of fashion photography in the late 1950s. A decade later, in the 1960’s, fashion agencies were established and during that time there was a great demand for models in Paris. By the 1990s modeling became one of the most highly paid professions. The different kinds of models include fashion models, runway models, super models, glamour models, fitness models, camera and commercial print models, promotional models, showroom models and art models. In the 21st century, male models too have become an important part of the fashion industry. Here is a compilation of a list of famous models from across the world, learn more fascinating facts and details about them with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.