Famous people born in 1976 - page 2

Hadi Saei

Hadi Saei Bonehkohal is a former Iranian taekwondo athlete who has won 2 Olympic gold medals for his country

IranianJune 10, 1976767 views

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is an American rapper and artist

AmericanJanuary 28, 1976151 views

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is an American football quarterback for the Denver Broncos (NFL)

AmericanMarch 24, 1976114 views

Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington was an American musician, songwriter and occasional actor

AmericanMarch 20, 1976123 views

Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou is a French actress and model best known for her critically acclaimed performance in the film ‘Amelie’

FrenchAugust 9, 1976114 views

Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier is an American actor, director, and producer

AmericanJuly 10, 1976139 views

Melia McEnery

Melia McEnery is an American socialite and the wife of the legendary English singer, Eric Clapton

Maggie McGuane

Maggie McGuane is the daughter of Canadian-American actress and activist Margot Kidder

CanadianOctober 28, 1976254 views

Alex O Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin is an Australian actor, writer and director, who is best known for his performance in the TV series ‘Hawaii Five-0’

AustralianAugust 24, 1976254 views

Keith Britton

Keith Britton is an American model, actor, and entrepreneur

AmericanSeptember 23, 1976129 views