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Molly O Malia's Personal Details

Molly O'Malia is an American social media personality and singer

BirthdayMay 22, 2001
FamousInstagram Star, Models, Instagram Stars, Instagram Singers, Instagram Models, Social Media Stars
SiblingsChristina O Malia
Birth PlaceWilmington, Delaware
MotherAnne Lowry O Malia
Sun SignGemini
Born inWilmington, Delaware
Famous asInstagram Star, Model

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Who is Molly O Malia?

Molly O'Malia is an American model, aspiring singer and social media personality who shot to fame amidst a controversy surrounding her and Grammy Award-winning rapper Tyga. This teenager’s early life was never as easy as it might seem. However amidst the thick of all this, she landed up in social media and launched her Instagram and Twitter accounts. Gradually the pictures she posted on Instagram started getting attention and with time she accumulated a decent viewership. However she became a talking point in December 2015 when an ‘OK! Magazine’ report held that she was flirting with Tyga. She retaliated by clearing the air in a press conference confirming that although she had a communication with Tyga, their association was a short one and in no way sexual. Tyga’s manager said the rapper contacted Molly utterly for business purpose and that during such conversation Molly claimed to be 17 years old. Although the controversy kind of ended there, she again landed up with another one, this time with rapper Bobo Norco. The messages she exchanged with Norco shows that she said she was 18 years old! Surely some kind of guidance would help this rising and talented star to tread the relevant path to reach the great heights that she deserves.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

This mesmerizing damsel with an innocent yet seductive look treaded the path of singing, modeling and social media and has made a decent name for herself while still in her teens. She is quite active on her Instagram and Twitter accounts and the pictures she uploaded on Instagram find reasonable viewership. The count of her Instagram followers has crossed the 400K mark while her Twitter account has accumulated over 51K followers. In 2015 she uploaded a video where she sung a cover of Australian singer and song-writer Vance Joy’s ‘Riptide’. Through her Instagram account Molly advocated for ‘The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’ by promoting a Student of the Year Delaware fundraising page. However following the scandal involving her and Tyga that surfaced in 2015, Molly made both her Instagram and Twitter accounts private and later deactivated her Twitter account for a while. Molly and fellow Instagram star Rendall Coleby are co-owners of the group called ‘Dreamy Team’.

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Beyond Fame

Molly got entangled in a controversy involving her and the 26-year-old rapper Tyga which soon grabbed public attention in December 2015 following a report published by ‘OK! Magazine’ that mentioned Molly was flirting with Tyga. Molly lashed back at the magazine in a press conference that she attended with her mother and attorney Gloria Allred in January 2016. She said that she was first contacted by Tyga on Instagram and the two conversed for a brief period. She made it very clear that the relationship was not at all sexual. When Tyga attempted to Facetime with her—which he tried thrice—Molly became uncomfortable and stopped responding to him. She rebuffed and accused the magazine for invading her privacy and for not confirming with her or her mother before publishing such a report. Her mother, Anne Lowry O'Malia, made a statement censuring the magazine for "falsely [insinuating] that there was an inappropriate sexually suggestive relationship going on between Tyga and Molly." Tyga’s manager also agreed that it was Tyga who tried to reach out to Molly, but he also stated emphatically that it was purely related to business as the rapper was keen to discuss about making her sign to his record label. The manager also mentioned that during such a conversation Molly told Tyga that she was 17 years old.

It seems that Molly has become controversy’s favorite child. With the first one yet to fade out she has landed up with another controversy that again involved her lying about her age. This time it is yet another rapper Bobo Norco. Her conversation with the rapper on Instagram suggests that she impressed on him that she is 18 years of age and moving to Los Angeles soon after finishing her school.

Behind The Curtains

She was born on May 22, 2001, in Wilmington, Delaware, United States. She had spent a troubled childhood along with her mother Anne O’Malia and sister Christina O’Malia, all of whom faced verbal and emotional abuse from her father. Her parents ultimately separated in February 2011 following which she lives with her mother and sister. On November 4, 2011 her sister Christina met with a severe car accident that caused a critical brain injury. Molly and her mother took care of the girl and ensured her speedy recovery and with time the bond between the three only strengthened.

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Molly O Malia's FAQ

  • What is Molly O Malia birthday?

    Molly O Malia was born at 2001-05-22

  • Where is Molly O Malia's birth place?

    Molly O Malia was born in Wilmington, Delaware

  • What is Molly O Malia nationalities?

    Molly O Malia's nationalities is American

  • Who is Molly O Malia siblings?

    Molly O Malia's siblings is Christina O Malia

  • Who is Molly O Malia's father?

    Molly O Malia's father is A

  • Who is Molly O Malia's mother?

    Molly O Malia's mother is Anne Lowry O Malia

  • What is Molly O Malia's sun sign?

    Molly O Malia is Gemini

  • How famous is Molly O Malia?

    Molly O Malia is famouse as Instagram Star, Model

  • What is Molly O Malia's facebook?

    Molly O Malia's facebook is

  • What is Molly O Malia's twitter?

    Molly O Malia's twitter is

  • What is Molly O Malia's instagram?

    Molly O Malia's instagram is