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Khia Lopez's Personal Details

Khia Lopez is an American fashion model, and Instagram star

BirthdayAugust 29, 2004
FamousFashion Model, Instagram Star, Fashion, Models
SiblingsJett, Kash
  • John Glenn Middle School
  • California
Birth PlaceCalifornia
FatherJames Lopez
MotherTiffany Palladine
Sun SignVirgo
Born inCalifornia
Famous asFashion Model, Instagram Star

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Khia Lopez's photo

Who is Khia Lopez?

Gone are the days when your ticket to being a successful model was to cross paths with the right model scout. Gone are the days when you had to deal with “n” number of middlemen till you are introduced to the right modeling agency. Model scouts, start counting days. Why you ask? One word: Instagram. In this age of smartphones and abundant internet access, Instagram is the go-to social media network for people craving instant exposure. Most modeling agencies now have an online scout who stomps through Instagram accounts and hand-picks beauties like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. The key to get noticed is to introduce a bit of individuality and a lot of your personality into the pictures. Like most of her tech savvy, selfie-clicking and iPhone brandishing peers, Khia Lopez took to the social media network and she seems like the perfect answer to fashion’s fickle whim. Her 209K followers will tell you how much they love Khia. This tween beauty has a passion for dance also. Her musical.lysare followed by more than 600K fans.She is new to YouTube, and posts videos of her shoots and television appearances. She also plans to make videos of her makeup and hair regimes which we are sure to gain a lot of appreciation by young girls.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Looks like pretty Khia was born to be a super model! She started as early as when she was three years old and hasn’t stopped since. She joined Instagram around August 2014 and her account is monitored by her mother Tiffany. Her pictures on Instagram were soon noticed by fashion enthusiasts and the number of her followers soon started to rise. She also features in her stylist mother’s blog‘We’re So Fancy’ along with other pre-teen models. She has modeled for brands like KidzKandi, Little Trendsetter, and Weekend Wardrobe. Her immaculate fashion sense coupled with her flawless face has propelled her fame andalready it seems hard to stop her from being a top model!

What Makes Khia Lopez So Special

Khia is blessed with fabulous genes! What we gather from the family pics she posted on Instagram, the entire family is blessed with stunning good looks. Khia says her two great loves in life are fashion and dancing. It was her craving for fashion that made her mom Tiffany get more creative with her styling.According to her bio at ‘We’re So Fancy’, she is taking eight dance classes at once including a solo one! Dedication has a new name! She is stunning no doubt, and her fans are drooling over her chocolate brown eyes and luscious long hair.Khia is effortlessly graceful and can carry all sorts of looks under the sun. Be it vintage or street chic, she rocks them all. She has amazing posture and is extremely original with her facial expressions. Her graceful poise is an inspiration to ardent followers, kids, and parents alike, who shower her with much love.

Beyond Fame

The new breed of young Instagram models have attracted a lot of flak from the moral police for projecting negative body image issues on social media for kids and teens. Moreover, the kind of attention that they receive is extremely addictive at such a young age and may have grave ramification on their psyche. In a world where self-worth is measured in the number of hearts and follows, these kids are often ready to go to any lengths to maintain these numbers. Though Khiais a part of the “perfect body, hair and clothes” bandwagon, she has never directly been associated with promoting any such messages.

Behind The Curtains

Khia has two cute brothers, Kash and Jett, whom she adores to the moon and back. She is a middle schooler and is currently attending seventh grade. Her mom Tiffany is very supportive of her daughter’s modeling aspirations and is a tween stylist herself. The beautiful family takes regular vacations at the beach and often goes camping.


Khia and her BFF Vandy are both models

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Khia Lopez's FAQ

  • What is Khia Lopez birthday?

    Khia Lopez was born at 2004-08-29

  • Where is Khia Lopez's birth place?

    Khia Lopez was born in California

  • What is Khia Lopez nationalities?

    Khia Lopez's nationalities is American

  • Who is Khia Lopez siblings?

    Khia Lopez's siblings is Jett, Kash

  • What was Khia Lopez universities?

    Khia Lopez studied at John Glenn Middle School, California

  • Who is Khia Lopez's father?

    Khia Lopez's father is James Lopez

  • Who is Khia Lopez's mother?

    Khia Lopez's mother is Tiffany Palladine

  • What is Khia Lopez's sun sign?

    Khia Lopez is Virgo

  • How famous is Khia Lopez?

    Khia Lopez is famouse as Fashion Model, Instagram Star

  • What is Khia Lopez's instagram?

    Khia Lopez's instagram is