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may 18, 1989
Two brothers & two sisters (name unknown)
Sophie Victoria Reade
Cheshire,England, United Kingdom
Helen Reade
Cheshire,England, United Kingdom
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Who is Sophie Reade?

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Winner of โ€˜UK Big Brotherโ€™ season 10, Sophie Reade is a famous glamour/ Playboy model and Reality Show star. The twenty six year old has been a part of the โ€˜Hot Shots Calendarโ€™ and gained plenty of fame on the Big Brother show for her brief affair with co-contestant, Kris, also a model.

Since her stint in the show, she has gathered more followers on her social media accounts with around 31.6 K fans on โ€˜Instagramโ€™ and a mega 83.4 K fan base on her โ€˜Twitterโ€™ handle. She regularly keeps her fans updated by posting pictures and tweeting about her latest projects on both these sites.

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Sophie Reade The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Soon after graduating from high school she took to modeling. She began posing topless at the age of eighteen for โ€˜UK Playboy Nutsโ€™ and โ€˜Page 3โ€™ magazines. In an interview she mentioned that working for Playboy was one of her most enthralling experiences as she had always dreamed of being a Playboy model since the age of 13. Unfortunately, she didnโ€™t study further and does regret the same.

She soon became the new buzzing Playboy model and was eventually offered to be a contestant on the Big Brother UK reality show, which aired on 4thSeptember 2009. She became a housemate after changing her name to โ€˜Dogfaceโ€™, and went on to win the show with a whopping 74.4 percent win over runner-up, Siavash. During the show, she had fireworks flying everywhere with the steaming relationship she shared with contestant Kris. Since her win, new avenues have opened up for the sizzling model, propelling her to launch her own website.

Sophie Reade What Makes Sophie Reade So Special

The thing that makes her so special is obviously her slim body with perfect curves. When it comes to work, she has no inhibitions and says that her work is a form of art. She has stolen the hearts of many men around the globe, and has been an inspiration for many aspiring female models.

She is very passionate about her work, and puts in umpteen effort and hard work. She is currently at the peak of her modeling career and is looking to venture into the world of entertainment and films too!

Sophie Reade Beyond Fame

Although she follows a strict fitness regimen, itโ€™s amazing to know that she is a foodie and loves her comfort food. She is a sushi and beach lover, and calls the blend of both โ€œa perfect dayโ€. She dislikes spiders and sand sticking to her feet, but at the same time loves tanning in the sun.

When it comes to sports, she is a football lover, with her favorite footballer being Cristiano Ronaldo. She has two pet dogs, Army and Moo. Sophie even jumped off a plane to raise 10 K for British soldiers and is often spotted at bike shows.

Sophie Reade Behind The Curtains

She was born on May 18, 1989 at Cheshire, England, United Kingdom to British parents. She has two elder brothers and two older sisters. Sophie is the youngest of all her siblings. She hasnโ€™t mentioned much about her family apart from the fact that she was initially scared to tell her parents about being a glamour model. After gaining fame, she was linked with several stars including the footballer, Mario Balotelli, who dumped her for her best friend. In order to overcome the trauma of their breakup, she took to drugs, and eventually sought counseling to recover from her past relationship. She has also been linked to George Lineker, which she has dismissed as being merely โ€œgood friendsโ€™. She has attended several Playboy events and has met famous celebrities at the Playboy Mansion. She is currently single, and spends most of her spare time partying with her friends.

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Frequently asked questions about Sophie Reade

  • What is Sophie Reade birthday?

    Sophie Reade was born at May 18, 1989

  • Where is Sophie Reade's birth place?

    Sophie Reade was born in Cheshire,England, United Kingdom

  • What is Sophie Reade nationalities?

    Sophie Reade's nationalities is British

  • Who is Sophie Reade siblings?

    Sophie Reade's siblings is Two brothers & two sisters (name unknown)

  • How tall is Sophie Reade?

    Sophie Reade's height is 500

  • Who is Sophie Reade's father?

    Sophie Reade's father is H

  • Who is Sophie Reade's mother?

    Sophie Reade's mother is Helen Reade

  • What is Sophie Reade's sun sign?

    Sophie Reade is Taurus

  • What is Sophie Reade's twitter?

    Sophie Reade's twitter is

  • What is Sophie Reade's instagram?

    Sophie Reade's instagram is