Famous people born in May - page 3

Benjamin Spock

Benjamin Spock

Benjamin Spock was an American pediatrician, most noted as the author of one of the bestselling nonfiction books of all time ‘Baby and Child Care’

AmericanMay 2, 1903129 views

Benjamin Cardozo

Benjamin Cardozo was an eminent American jurist who contributed significantly towards the development of ‘common law’ in United States

AmericanMay 24, 1870124 views

Pope John Paul II

John Paul II, also known as Blessed John Paul, served as the Pope of the Catholic Church for more than two and half decades

PolishMay 18, 1920141 views

Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is a comedian, radio personality, actor, director as well as a podcaster

AmericanMay 27, 1964158 views

André the Giant

André the Giant was a French professional wrestler and actor

FrenchMay 19, 1946114 views

Christian DelGrosso

Christian DelGrosso is a Candaian Viner and internet celebrity

CanadianMay 24, 1993135 views


DopeIsland is a well-known American social media celebrity and Vine star

AmericanMay 20, 1998139 views

David Lopez

David Lopez is a well-known Viner and social media celebrity

AmericanMay 24, 1987109 views

Molly O Malia

Molly O'Malia is an American social media personality and singer

AmericanMay 22, 2001389 views

Megan Nicole DeAngelis

Meg DeAngelis is a Canadian Vlogger and social media celebrity

AmericanMay 15, 1995140 views