Famous people born in May - page 2

    Brian Eno

    Brian Eno

    Brian Eno is one of the founders of ambient music

    BritishMay 15, 1948146 views

    Louis Theroux

    Louis Theroux is a British-American documentary filmmaker and broadcaster

    BritishMay 20, 1970332 views

    Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson was an American musician, singer-songwriter, and an actor

    AmericanMay 8, 1940106 views

    Bob Seger

    Bob Seger is an American rock and roll singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist

    AmericanMay 6, 1945334 views

    Sonny Liston

    Sonny Liston was an American professional boxer

    AmericanMay 8, 1932102 views

    Bob Hope

    Bob Hope was a British-born American entertainer, actor, radio personality and comedian

    AmericanMay 29, 1903154 views

    Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan is an American singer who is a major figure in the western pop music scenario

    AmericanMay 24, 1941190 views

    William Moulton Marston

    William Moulton Marston was an American psychologist, inventor, lawyer, and author of self-help books and comics

    AmericanMay 9, 1893119 views

    Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson is an American entertainer best known as the Queen of Pop and R&B

    AmericanMay 16, 1966163 views

    Lisa Lopes

    Lisa Lopes was an American hip-hop singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer

    SpanishMay 27, 1971431 views