Famous people born in 1975 - page 4

    Charlize Theron

    Charlize Theron

    Charlize Theron is a Hollywood actress best known for her award winning role in the film ‘Monster’

    Erica Schmidt

    Erica Schmidt is a Princess Grace Award winning writer, theater director, and actress

    AmericanJune 8, 1975145 views

    Chris Stirewalt

    Chris Stirewalt is an American journalist and TV show host

    AmericanNovember 17, 1975220 views

    Yusaku Maezawa

    Yusaku Maezawa is a Japanese entrepreneur best known as the first commercial passenger due to fly to the Moon

    JapaneseNovember 22, 1975130 views

    Stefán Karl Stefánsson

    Stefán Karl Stefánsson was an Icelandic film, television, and theatre actor

    AmericanJuly 10, 1975177 views

    Tommy Sotomayor

    Tommy Sotomayor is an American YouTuber and men’s rights activist

    AmericanDecember 11, 1975234 views

    Wissam Al Mana

    Wissam Al Mana is the executive director of Al Mana Group

    QatariJanuary 1, 1975130 views

    Jazzy B

    Jazzy B is a singer and songwriter of Indian origin

    CanadianApril 1, 1975144 views

    Sarah Joy Brown

    Sarah Joy Brown is a popular American actress known for her prodigious acting in ‘General Hospital’

    AmericanFebruary 18, 1975164 views

    Nikol Pashinyan

    Nikol Pashinyan is the current prime minister of Armenia

    ArmenianJune 1, 1975187 views