Famous people born in 1975 - page 5

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a famous chef, restaurateur, author of cookery books and media personality

BritishMay 27, 1975245 views

Jeff Cavaliere

Jeff Cavaliere is a celebrity trainer, better known as the founder of ‘ATHLEAN-X.’ Let’s have a look at his family, personal life, age, birthday etc.

AmericanJune 28, 1975357 views

David Harbour

David Harbour is an actor best known for his role in the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things.’

AmericanApril 10, 197591 views

David Ortiz

David Ortiz is a Dominican-American professional baseball DH with the Boston Red Sox

AmericanNovember 18, 1975237 views

Yaron Versano

Yaron Versano is a real-estate developer who is married to actress Gal Gadot

IsraeliJune 23, 1975596 views

Lee Soo-geun

Lee Soo-geun is a South Korean comedian and one of the most popular faces on South Korean television

Emily Bergl

Emily Bergl is an English–American stage, TV, and film actress

BritishApril 25, 1975110 views

Jordan Ladd

Jordan Ladd is an American actress known for her role in ‘Never Been Kissed.’

AmericanJanuary 14, 1975176 views

Daniella Deutscher

Daniella Deutscher is an American actress best known for TV series ‘Hang Time’

AmericanOctober 4, 1975132 views