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Shane Blanchard's Personal Details

Shane Blanchard is an American TV actor

BirthdayJanuary 31, 2006
FamousTelevision Actor, Social Media Stars
SiblingsRowan Blanchard
Known asShane Blanchard
Birth PlaceCalifornia, USA
FatherMark Blanchard-Boulbol
MotherElizabeth Blanchard
Sun SignAquarius
Born inCalifornia, USA
Famous asTelevision Actor

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Shane Blanchard's photo

Who is Shane Blanchard?

Shane Blanchard belongs to a breed of young actors who have become famous due to the background of their family. He was born into a family which has deep interests in the show business. Both his sisters have performed in some of the most loved television series in USA. Shane Blanchard too is a gifted child. He started showing interest in singing and dancing from a very young age. Looking at his interest, his father and mother encouraged him to pursue a career as an artist. He was given all the required support to hone his skills. After he became a talented singer and dancer at a very young age, he started giving performances at the local events. However, the fame of Shane Blanchard increased after he started performing with his two elder sisters.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Shane Blanchard rose to stardom when he was cast in two movies along with his family members (his two sisters). Bothe the short movies were shot and released in the year 2015. They were released exclusively online. The first movie was a three minute short video in which he makes a very brief appearance. The video became very popular on social media and was widely shared in many other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. The second movie was known as ‘A World Away.’ It was a fantasy film targeted at children and teenagers. It featured other mainstream stars apart from the three siblings of the Blanchard family. The plot of the movie revolves around a group of six teenagers and kids (Shane being one of the kids) who go on a visit to the Grand Canyon. However, the youngsters find themselves in an unknown fantasy world. In the movie, Shane Blanchard played a major role. His acting was praised by critics who predicted a good career for him in acting. As the movie was also a commercial success, it has greatly increased the fame of Shane Blanchard. The movie was in fact directed by his father Mark Blanchard-Boulbol.

What Makes Shane Blanchard So Special

The first thing that makes Shane Blanchard very special is his multiple talents as a singer and a dance who has exceptional skills in acting too. His charming and innocent looks are the second reason that makes him a darling for the American kids.

Beyond Fame

Shane Blanchard has always stayed away from controversies. Beyond his interest in acting, he also has interest in charity and the promotion of socially responsible activities. His sister Rowan Blanchard is a public activist with interest in causes like feminism and protection of human rights around the world. She often participates in events whose main intention is fund raising for these causes. Shane Blanchard too has participated in these events along with his sister. Being seen along with his famous sister during these events has also helped in increasing his popularity among the young audiences in USA.

Behind The Curtains

Shane Blanchard was born in California, USA. Both his parents are yoga instructors. His parental grandfather was a migrant from the Middle-East who was born in Armenia and migrated to USA during the purge of local Christians. His Middle-Eastern roots give Shane and his sisters the exotic look of middle-eastern people who are considered to be among the most beautiful people in the world. His paternal grandmother’s ancestors were from England, Sweden, and Denmark. Shane’s parents have encouraged all their children to pursue a career in which they were interested in. Being born and brought up in California, he was always close to the entertainment industry and got offers at a very young age.


His sisters have performed together as singers and dancers.

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Shane Blanchard's FAQ

  • What is Shane Blanchard birthday?

    Shane Blanchard was born at 2006-01-31

  • Where is Shane Blanchard's birth place?

    Shane Blanchard was born in California, USA

  • What is Shane Blanchard nationalities?

    Shane Blanchard's nationalities is American

  • Who is Shane Blanchard siblings?

    Shane Blanchard's siblings is Rowan Blanchard

  • Who is Shane Blanchard's father?

    Shane Blanchard's father is Mark Blanchard-Boulbol

  • Who is Shane Blanchard's mother?

    Shane Blanchard's mother is Elizabeth Blanchard

  • What is Shane Blanchard's sun sign?

    Shane Blanchard is Aquarius

  • How famous is Shane Blanchard?

    Shane Blanchard is famouse as Television Actor

  • What is Shane Blanchard's twitter?

    Shane Blanchard's twitter is