Dancers have always enthralled us with their snappy, yet graceful, moves and the creativity of their work. It is something that has been a part of every culture ever since time in memorial. Practically every culture and every civilization, tribe or settlement has had a dance form especially associated with them. This form of self-expression is classified in various types depending on the genre of the music, with which it’s associated, and the number of people involved in performing it. An example of this would be when there is just one person dancing, it would be a solo performance and could be anything from a new age to ceremonial dance, however something like a waltz would be a partner dance because it requires two people. There are some forms that are referred to as group dances because, as the name suggests, it requires a fairly big group of people to deliver that performance. When we think of this field, it is but obvious we think of people like Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire and Anna Pavlova (a Russian ballet dancer). It is also natural to wish to know more about these people others like them, so here is a collection of their biographies, life stories, timeline, trivia and interesting facts about them.