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Tatiana McQuay's Personal Details

Tatiana McQuay is a Canadian dancer and social media personality? This biography gives several fun facts about this social media star, her family, personal life and interesting trivia.

BirthdayAugust 30, 2003
FamousDancers, Instagram Stars, Instagram Dancers, Social Media Stars, YouTube Dancers, Singers
Birth PlaceOntario, Canada
Sun SignVirgo
Born inOntario, Canada
Famous asDancer, Singer

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Who is Tatiana McQuay?

What do you do when you realize you’re too young to join a dance studio that could mold your hobby into a career? You might wait till you’re eligible whilst working hard for this new found passion. But according to a recent interview, here’s what Tatiana McQuay claims to have done at age 3, when she found out that the criterion to join was age 4 and above - she pretended that her birthday was months earlier than her date of birth. Yep. Shocking that a young child could think this way, (Or could it be an insider job done by her folks?) but talk about wanting something so bad that you’re not going to let your age stop you.Tati, as she is also called, first stepped into the world of dance at the age of 2. Her impressive dance moves forced her mom to find the right dance studio so Tatiana could one day perform on International stage. And now this little queen of Hip Hop is doing just that. Way to go, Tati!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Popular all over social media platforms, McQuay is now a well-known face when it comes to dance and all things swag. This fame didn’t just come her way, she started her venture when she was just 2 and she’s still on the mission to become the best. Not just dancing, little Tati is also an exceptional singer and rapper. She was seen singing and rapping in her videos titled ‘IT Courageous’, and ‘IT Play Hard’, when she was barely 10 years old.

Like every other teen her age, Miss McQuay grew up idolizing pop icon Justin Bieber and the yesteryear girl band ‘Spice Girls’. She would look at all her Bieber posters on the wall, one day hoping to meet him in person. And unlike every other teen, this young girl actually got the chance to meet her idol. Not just meet him, she was also one of Bieber’s back-up dancers for his concert. That is one hell of a dream come true!

Tatiana is now part of a girl band that is all about spreading the message of Girl Power. Her band of 5 girls, called ‘L2M’ (Listen 2 Music), is slowly making waves all over. The girls generally dance and sing to the songs that relate to the anthem of this generation’s girl empowerment. The band’s inspiration is none other than ‘Spice Girls’ and artists like Meghan Trainor. We can’t wait to see what the girls have in store for us!

What Makes the Person So Special

A little girl with not so little dreams is probably the best way to describe Tatiana McQuay. More than making a name for herself, this child prodigy yearns to put a smile on people’s faces and inspiring youngsters to chase their dreams, no matter what. And as far as we know, that’s exactly what this teenager has been doing. There’s no stopping her now!

Beyond Fame

Tatiana McQuay is no stranger to the users of ‘Musical.ly’ and ‘Instagram’. With over 155,000 followers and counting, there is no doubt that her fans just can’t get enough of McQuay’s talent. Owing to her inborn skills of being a performer, her band has now signed a deal with Warner Bros record after working on the theme song for the ‘Lego Friends’ TV shows and movie. She is also one of the members of the dance group, ‘ImmaBEAST’.

Behind The Curtains

Tatiana McQuay was born on 30th August 2003 in Ontario, Canada. She was raised there, until she moved to LA at the age of 7. Her mother, Michelle, is a fitness guru and is also quite popular on ‘Instagram’. Tati has 2 siblings- Kai and Zen.

Tatiana was part of the television reality show ‘Dance Off Juniors’ and was trained under the guidance of well-known choreographer Matt Steffanina. When she isn’t performing, this talented teen loves to hang out with her family and also practice Karate. Tati’s list of future goals includes being a dancer, an actress, a singer, and rapper. If performing wasn’t in her cards, she would love to work with the Criminology department, or work as a choreographer.

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Tatiana McQuay's FAQ

  • What is Tatiana McQuay birthday?

    Tatiana McQuay was born at 2003-08-30

  • Where is Tatiana McQuay's birth place?

    Tatiana McQuay was born in Ontario, Canada

  • What is Tatiana McQuay nationalities?

    Tatiana McQuay's nationalities is Canadian

  • Who is Tatiana McQuay's father?

    Tatiana McQuay's father is M

  • Who is Tatiana McQuay's mother?

    Tatiana McQuay's mother is Michelle

  • What is Tatiana McQuay's sun sign?

    Tatiana McQuay is Virgo

  • How famous is Tatiana McQuay?

    Tatiana McQuay is famouse as Dancer, Singer

  • What is Tatiana McQuay's twitter?

    Tatiana McQuay's twitter is https://twitter.com/tatidances1

  • What is Tatiana McQuay's youtube?

    Tatiana McQuay's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTBK2nrSafANiYMSgKX_Eqg/videos

  • What is Tatiana McQuay's instagram?

    Tatiana McQuay's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/tatimcquay/