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Sophia Montero's Personal Details

Sophia Montero is an American singer and YouTuber

BirthdayJune 22, 2004
FamousYoutube Star, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, YouTube Singers, Singers
Nick namesAngelic
SiblingsAngel (Brother)
Birth PlaceMiami, Florida
Sun SignCancer
Born inMiami, Florida
Famous asSinger, YouTube Star

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Who is Sophia Montero?

Imagine you are a beautiful nine-year-old, all bubbly and cuddly.You have a voice as sweet as lemon drops, oodles of charm and can pull off stylish dance moves. What do you do? You start a YouTube channel, record yourself singing the covers of your favorite songs, edit it like a pro to turn it into a music video and upload the video to your channel.And voilà! You are the new overnight sensation that everyone is oohing and aahing about. That’s exactly what Sophia Montero did in 2013. Her YouTube Channel, ThisisAngelic, made her the singing diva whohas numerous fans gushing over her.Be it her renditions of Katy Perry or Shawn Mendes, her song videos are driving teens and adults crazy, all across the web. Though she is famous for her music videos singing covers of popular pop songs, she recently recorded an original song titled ‘Your Favorite Song.’This pocket-sized singer is a serious cuteness overload with her melodic voice and poised performances, not mention her killer moves! Her YouTube channel has over 571K subscribers and a total view of over 100 million! She recently launched her own app in both Android and iOS platforms, called “This is Angelic”, where you can enjoy all her videos, photos and can even directly messege her.A 12-year-old with her own app! Some serious star power or what?

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Believe it or not, it was her very first video that made Sophia an overnight YouTube star! It was the cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ and she belted it out with such élan that would put even veteran singers to shame. And to think of it, she was just nine years old at the time! Add to that those uber-adorable expressions, especially the way she scrunches up her nose. Cute!Very, very cute.

It appears that there’s no stopping “Angelic!” Her song videos (which she calls Angelic covers) have got nothing but rave praises. Her rendition of covers of other teen idols like Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, JustinBeiber have over 1 million views on an average! The video of her singing ‘Problem’ by Ariana Grande has a whopping 30 million views! Her other popular cover videos include Becky G’s ‘Shower’,Justin Beiber’s‘What Do You Mean’, and Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball.

What Makes Sophia Montero So Special

Talent coupled with charming good looks is always a winning combination and this girl has loads of both! Her love of singing, dancing and acting shines through in all her Angelic cover videos. She is innovative and experimental in her cover videos and she is looking forward to interesting collaboration. Her rendition of Enrique Iglesias’ ‘El Perdon’ with ‘The Voice Kids’ winner Joanel Santiago is sure to melt your heart. Her passion for singing is something to be envious of. Her engaging antics tell us that even though she is pretty famous, she is still an innocent 12-year-old at heart just looking to have some fun. If you consider her age and what she has achieved in an astonishingly short time, you can’t help but be amazed. She says she likes to inspire people through her music and encourage them to follow their own passion fearlessly. We say, right on, Girl!

Beyond Fame

Up until now Sophia has only received love from her fans and why shouldn’t she? She is pretty, she is fun and she is a fabulous singer. Do the Fangelics and AngelicDreamers need anymore reason? To top that off, she is really affectionate towards her fans, sending them hugs and kisses periodically. She has recently started a personal vlog titled ‘Angelic’s Diary’ where she shares stuff from her daily life, her recording sessions and her tour experiences with her fans.

Behind The Curtains

Sophia was born to parents of Venezuelan descent. Her mother’s name is Maria. She has three siblings: two brothers and an elder sister. She adores her little brother, whom she calls Angel. She has a baby niece whom she loves a lot. Angelic is very close to her manager Gabriel Rodriguez a.k.a. Josh who she claims gives the best piggyback rides in the world. She confessed in an interview at the Playlist Live Orlando 2016 that she finds it pretty hard to juggle between school, homework and recordings. We couldn’t have guessed Angelic! You make it look so effortless!


Sophia has a younger brother who she calls Angel.

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Sophia Montero's FAQ

  • What is Sophia Montero birthday?

    Sophia Montero was born at 2004-06-22

  • Where is Sophia Montero's birth place?

    Sophia Montero was born in Miami, Florida

  • What is Sophia Montero nationalities?

    Sophia Montero's nationalities is American

  • What is Sophia Montero nick names?

    Sophia Montero's nickNames is Angelic

  • Who is Sophia Montero siblings?

    Sophia Montero's siblings is Angel (Brother)

  • Who is Sophia Montero's father?

    Sophia Montero's father is Leonel

  • Who is Sophia Montero's mother?

    Sophia Montero's mother is Maria

  • What is Sophia Montero's sun sign?

    Sophia Montero is Cancer

  • How famous is Sophia Montero?

    Sophia Montero is famouse as Singer, YouTube Star

  • What is Sophia Montero's facebook?

    Sophia Montero's facebook is

  • What is Sophia Montero's twitter?

    Sophia Montero's twitter is

  • What is Sophia Montero's youtube?

    Sophia Montero's youtube is

  • What is Sophia Montero's instagram?

    Sophia Montero's instagram is