Florida is the 22nd most widespread and 3rd most populous state in the United States. Literally meaning ‘land of flowers’, it is located in the southeastern region of the country, with Tallahassee as its capital. It enjoys the longest coastline in all of America, and extends like a peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Straits of Florida. Miami metropolitan area is in fact the most populous and popular area of Florida, which continues to attract celebrities from various spheres of life. The state enjoys diversity as Native American, European, Hispanic, Latino and African American culture and heritage is omnipresent in the states’ culture, cuisine and architecture. Many distinguished and celebrated individuals were born in the city of Florida. One such person would be American rapper, singer and songwriter Flo Rida, who derived his name from his hometown Florida. From the legendary Jim Morrison to the popular Jason Derulo, Florida has been place where icons were born. Even prominent celebrities such as Mandy Moore, Vanilla Ice, Enrique Iglesias and T-Pain, all hail from the ‘Sunshine State’ that is Florida. Here is a list of some more celebrities from the state of Florida.

Alexa Vega, Ariana Grande, Roman Reigns, Norman Reedus & Sarah Paulson are some of the celebrities who hail from Florida.