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Ned Fulmer's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Ned Fulmer, the famous American YouTuber & Instagram star; his birthday, his family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJune 11, 1987
FamousInstagram Star, Instagram Stars
SpousesAriel Vandevoorde
  • Yale Graduate
Birth PlaceJacksonville, Florida
Sun SignGemini
Born inJacksonville, Florida
Famous asInstagram Star

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Who is Ned Fulmer?

Ned Fulmer is most popular as a member of the hilarious group of four men known as 'The Try Guys' from BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. They are multi-hyphenate personalities who produce, write, direct, shoot and perform in their own video series on the BuzzFeed channel on YouTube. The 'Try Guys' try out different scenarios and situations to create entertaining videos which also educate the audience about certain aspects of life that they may not be aware of. The Try Guys have over 2.2 million followers with 550 million video views combining their YouTube and Facebook accounts. Ned Fulmer is also a Development Partner at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. He himself has hired, trained, and managed over 30 full-time video producers. He created and managed the BuzzFeed video fellowship program where he hired, trained, mentored, and supervised a team of 16 video producers who each released 1 video per week. Fulmer's The Try Guys has been nominated for the 'Show of the Year' at the Streamy Awards. Before Fulmer joined BuzzFeed videos, he used to perform sketches and improvisations for Second City and iO Chicago house teams. He was even named a "Critic's Pick" by Time Out Chicago.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

When Ned Fulmer started as an intern at BuzzFeed, he had no idea that he would end up as an internet sensation. Even before joining the BuzzFeed network, he had a YouTube channel where he posted a few videos, but they failed to garner much response from the audience. After joining BuzzFeed in 2013, Ned rose up the ranks quickly to become a manager within a year. He co-developed the show 'The Try Guys' with Eugene Lee, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld. The four men came from completely different backgrounds with almost no experience of being on camera. Their first video where they try out ladies' underwear got a huge positive response from the audience, and the 'try guys' became popular instantaneously.

What Makes Ned Fulmer So Special

According to Ned Fulmer, their rule for choosing a topic for their videos is simple. If they are afraid to do something, that might be a good topic to pick up, unless it is evil or harmful. From drag racing to fighting UFC fighters, they have done it all. The group's biggest USP is that they are very open about cultures, identity and their bodies, which lets them explore a plethora of topics the world of internet provides. They are not shy to expose their vulnerabilities, which makes them relatable to their audience. Their videos can be funny in a weird way, but Fulmer and his group try to see their experiments as a teaching device to learn about different social structures, cultures and people. Among the episodes they have done, Fulmer’s favorite is the drag racing video that received a lot acclaim from their viewers. Fulmer says they weren’t aware of the entire drag culture before, and the experience of making the video opened up their eyes to that.

Beyond Fame

The Try Guys had a very successful series on 'motherhood' which was an instant hit on social media. Throughout the 5-part web series, Fulmer and his friends tried faking pregnancy belly, changing dirty diapers, caring for robot babies and even went through labor pain simulator, before finally thanking their moms for what they went through. Ned, who was considering starting a family with his wife Ariel, acknowledged that he was in a better position to understand what she would have to go through. However, the whole experience had put him in dual minds over having a baby: "it also makes me want a baby but not want one at the same time." His wife Ariel has featured in many of their videos, including one in which they were handcuffed for 24 hours and another where they broke up for a week to see how that affects their relationship.

They recently started a new project called “The Try Kids” which they hope will inspire and entertain both kids and their parents.

In 2008, Ned Fulmer was severely criticized for an inflammatory column he wrote for Yale Daily News on student athletes. He soon apologized for the column in another article.

Behind The Curtains

Ned Fulmer was born on June 11, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. He later moved to Chicago and then to Los Angeles. As a child, he developed a fear of dogs after a Doberman jumped into his stroller when he was three. He says that he tries to overcome his fear of dogs by cuddling every 'nice' puppy he finds. He studied chemistry at Yale University. A soccer fan who also loves travelling, Fulmer attended the soccer world cups in Brazil and South Africa. On June 16, 2012, he married Ariel Vandevoorde in Chicago. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife.

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Ned Fulmer's FAQ

  • What is Ned Fulmer birthday?

    Ned Fulmer was born at 1987-06-11

  • Where is Ned Fulmer's birth place?

    Ned Fulmer was born in Jacksonville, Florida

  • What is Ned Fulmer nationalities?

    Ned Fulmer's nationalities is American

  • Who is Ned Fulmer spouses?

    Ned Fulmer's spouses is Ariel Vandevoorde

  • What was Ned Fulmer universities?

    Ned Fulmer studied at Yale Graduate

  • How tall is Ned Fulmer?

    Ned Fulmer's height is 178

  • What is Ned Fulmer's sun sign?

    Ned Fulmer is Gemini

  • How famous is Ned Fulmer?

    Ned Fulmer is famouse as Instagram Star

  • What is Ned Fulmer's twitter?

    Ned Fulmer's twitter is

  • What is Ned Fulmer's youtube?

    Ned Fulmer's youtube is

  • What is Ned Fulmer's instagram?

    Ned Fulmer's instagram is