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Danielle Cohn's Personal Details

Danielle Cohn is an American Musical.ly star and popular social media personality

BirthdayMarch 7, 2004
FamousModels, Musical.ly Stars, Social Media Personality, Video Blogger, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars, Vloggers
Known asDanielle
Birth PlaceFlorida, USA
Sun SignPisces
Born inFlorida, USA
Famous asSocial media personality, Video Blogger, Musical.ly star and Model

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Who is Danielle Cohn?

Danielle Cohn is an American social media sensation and model with huge following on musical.ly, YouTube and Instagram. She has more than 670K followers on photo sharing website Instagram while more than 133K subscribers on YouTube. She was interested in music from a very young age. Looking at her interest, her parents encouraged her to learn music. After achieving some expertise, she started to upload her videos on social media channels. She got a positive response to the videos and people recognized her talent as a musician.

It generally takes a lot of time for people to taste success, but social media is making it very easy for people to get successful at a very young age. While learning music, she also started participating in beauty pageants. During the years 2013 and 2014, Cohn saw her popularity improve a bit when she stood as a fourth and second runner up in the Miss Florida Jr. Preteen competition. She is also a BMG model.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

While participating in some beauty pageants, Cohn also started undertaking modelling assignments with some leading brands targeted at the teenagers in USA. Her fame suddenly increased when she ultimately won the much coveted title of Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen in the year 2015. Many companies started to book her for promoting their products. Success in the beauty pageant also made her popularity increase in other social media channels. Viewership of her videos posted on the Musical.ly app received a lot of attention. She even attracted 2.4 million fans on the app within months. Her other social media pages like YouTube and Twitter too started attracting a lot of interest from her fans. On Instagram and YouTube, thousands of people started following her immediately after she opened her accounts on them.

After winning the pageant, she attended a national modeling competition in California. In California, she connected with a modeling agency that was based in Miami. The agency gave her further training and signed a contract with her. Tie-up with this modeling agency made it possible for her to access more opportunities like working with one of the top fashion agency in USA, the BMG Modeling Agency. Some top brands in USA like Lisa B Jewelry and Juicy Couture Clothing signed her up to model their products.

What Makes Danielle So Special

Cohn started attracting a lot of attention mostly because of her younger age and tender looks. Cohn’s popularity shot further when she created a duet with another popular social media personality, Cameron Dallas. The video became very popular among young adults and teenagers and helped in increasing the popularity of Cohn.

Beyond Fame

In addition to being a popular social media personality and model, Cohn has also proved herself to be a young entrepreneur. She has launched an online store called ‘Danielle Cohn Store’. The store houses a number of products like T-Shirts, mobile phone covers, sweat shirts, and other apparel. The site is a big draw for her fans. A new product is added to be store every week. Cohn also volunteers in serving and entertaining children at hospitals around the country. During her spare time, Cohn also works as a cheerleader at many of the popular sporting events organized around the country.

Behind The Curtains

Right from the time she became popular, Cohn has avoided controversy. She never had any scandals regarding any affairs with boyfriends. Even though the family details of Cohn are not known much, it is known from her fan websites that she maintains a close relationship with her family members. Her brother is a constant source of support to Cohn. He accompanies her to all the major events she attends like beauty pageants.


She likes to spend time with children. Once she took teddy bears and toys to the Children’s Miracle Hospital and gifted them to the children there.

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Danielle Cohn's FAQ

  • What is Danielle Cohn birthday?

    Danielle Cohn was born at 2004-03-07

  • Where is Danielle Cohn's birth place?

    Danielle Cohn was born in Florida, USA

  • What is Danielle Cohn nationalities?

    Danielle Cohn's nationalities is American

  • What is Danielle Cohn's sun sign?

    Danielle Cohn is Pisces

  • How famous is Danielle Cohn?

    Danielle Cohn is famouse as Social media personality, Video Blogger, Musical.ly star and Model

  • What is Danielle Cohn's youtube?

    Danielle Cohn's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/jennifer6262002chad

  • What is Danielle Cohn's instagram?

    Danielle Cohn's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/_daniellecohn/