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Arzaylea Rodriguez's Personal Details

All about American social media star Arzaylea including her age, birthday, family life, boyfriends, and some fun facts.

BirthdayOctober 19, 1994
FamousSocial Media Personality, Instagram Stars, Instagram Singers, Social Media Stars
Boy FriendsLuke Hemmings, Lil Peep
SiblingsAliezah, Arzel Rodriguez
Known asArzaylea
Birth PlaceAustin, Texas
Sun SignLibra
Born inAustin, Texas
Famous asSocial Media Personality

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Who is Arzaylea Rodriguez?

Arzaylea Rodriguez is a social media sensation, more famous as the ex-girlfriend of the deceased rapper Lil Peep.before her relationship with the rapper, she made news for her relationship with 5SOS singer Luke Hemmings. With over 600K followers, she is very popular on the photo sharing site Instagram, where she often posts pictures and videos. Besides her social media activities, Arzaylea was always in news for her tumultuous relationship with Luke Hemmings. She again appeared in news when her then boyfriend Lil Peep died of drug overdose in November 2017.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Arzaylea held several small-time jobs before becoming famous. Her father was associated with the music industry from a longtime. It was through her father that she got introduced to music at a very young age. She got good encouragement from her family to excel in music. While growing up, her house was full of musical instruments and expensive headphones, but she could not go grow much in music. In order to support herself and her family, she started to do many jobs. She worked as a personal assistant in the city of Los Angeles for a small pay for a longtime. She also had the habit of posting her music videos to social media channels which became her gateway to fame. Her Twitter and Tumblr accounts were active from the year 2011 itself.

It was her association with a member of the 5 Seconds of Summer band that brought her instant stardom. In the year 2015, she started dating Luke Hemmings, the guitarist of the 5 Seconds of Summer band. The news of their relationship spread around the music fans quickly. However, many of the fans did not know who Arzaylea was. As soon as people understood that she too was a budding artist, she started receiving extra attention on social media. Her Twitter fan base had grown to 210,000 by November 2016. She also got a follower base of around 400,000 on Instagram in a very short period of time.

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What Makes Arzaylea So Special

As she became famous through her association with a leading music star, many people initially dismissed her asa flash in the pan and claimed that her fame would soon decline. But her followers soon recognized her hidden musical talents. They understood that, Arzaylea was a good star in her own respect. Some of her followers were also mesmerized by her beauty and exotic looks. The Latin American looks of Arzaylea made her especially famous among the Hispanic population of USA.

Beyond Fame

Despite the instant fame won by Arzaylea due to her association with Luke, many people suspected whether the relationship between the couple was genuine or not. Many of the couple’s critics said that she was just ‘fame hungry’ and a ‘gold digger’. The negative attention she got was just augmented when she revealed that her relationship with Luke was strained in the initial days. But the controversy later subsided when she clarified that she and Luke had mended their relationship and that they would continue to stay together. They, however, separated in 2017.

She later dated rapper Lil Peep (Gustav Ahr) before his death in November 2017.


Before becoming a social media star, Arzaylea used to do small time jobs and was not known to anybody outside her circle.

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Arzaylea Rodriguez's FAQ

  • What is Arzaylea Rodriguez birthday?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez was born at 1994-10-19

  • Where is Arzaylea Rodriguez's birth place?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez was born in Austin, Texas

  • What is Arzaylea Rodriguez nationalities?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez's nationalities is American

  • Who is Arzaylea Rodriguez boy friends?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez's boyFriends is Luke Hemmings, Lil Peep

  • Who is Arzaylea Rodriguez siblings?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez's siblings is Aliezah, Arzel Rodriguez

  • How tall is Arzaylea Rodriguez?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez's height is 170

  • What is Arzaylea Rodriguez's sun sign?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez is Libra

  • How famous is Arzaylea Rodriguez?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez is famouse as Social Media Personality

  • What is Arzaylea Rodriguez's facebook?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez's facebook is

  • What is Arzaylea Rodriguez's twitter?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez's twitter is

  • What is Arzaylea Rodriguez's instagram?

    Arzaylea Rodriguez's instagram is