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Ivey Meeks's Personal Details

Ivey Meeks is an American YouTube star and model

BirthdayApril 3, 2002
FamousYoutube Star, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, YouTube Singers
City/StateAtlanta, Georgia
Birth PlaceGeorgia, Atlanta
Sun SignAries
Born inGeorgia, Atlanta
Famous asYoutube Star

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Who is Ivey Meeks?

Ivey Meeks is a YouTube sensation who creates covers to songs by popular artists. She is most popular for her rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’, which she performed with MattyBRaps. Ivey has also been working in national commercials since she was a kid. She has her very own YouTube channel, though she does not upload videos frequently. Currently, she works as a model and is a popular social media personality.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Ivey was first introduced to national television via commercials when she was just eight years old. As a young girl she was seen in the ‘Rooms to Go Kids’ commercial. She has worked on and off as a model since then. Her first major television role was a guest appearance on ‘Drop Dead Diva’ in 2012, alongside Maddie Ziegler, in one of the episodes of the Lifetime series.

December 2014 however saw Ivey shoot to fame with her cover of Taylor Swift’s song ‘Blank Space’, from the album 1989, which she performed with MattyBraps. The video became an instant hit on YouTube, garnering 38 million views in just six months! Ivey has been working as a model and cover artist ever since and has her own YouTube channel. She also works for Funniflix, the YouTube vlogging channel, where she uploads regular vlogs about her reactions to different videos, fun challenges and more.

What Makes Ivey Meeks So Special

Ivey has a natural flair for acting, as is evident in her videos. Although the ‘Blank Space’ video was her first ever cover song, she gave a flawless performance as the beautiful, half-crazed billionaire in it. The video has almost 80 million likes as of today! There is also a dash of quirkiness in all her videos, like her morning routine video, or the summer plans video, or her suspended from school video, which makes them humorous. She juggles school with her modelling and singing career. She is also a fan of Justin Bieber.

Beyond Fame

Ivey Meeks has often been linked up with her friend and co-star Matt, although the two are not dating. Ivey has made a lot of videos on Funniflix with her co-stars MattyB, the Haschak sisters, Sarah Grace, Justin Bradford, and Liv Shumbers.

Behind The Curtains

Ivey was born in Georgia, Atlanta. She has a younger sister and lives with her parents. A regular teenager, she is currently still in school.


Ivey’s cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ hit 38 million views in just six months!

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Ivey Meeks's FAQ

  • What is Ivey Meeks birthday?

    Ivey Meeks was born at 2002-04-03

  • Where is Ivey Meeks's birth place?

    Ivey Meeks was born in Georgia, Atlanta

  • What is Ivey Meeks nationalities?

    Ivey Meeks's nationalities is American

  • What is Ivey Meeks's sun sign?

    Ivey Meeks is Aries

  • How famous is Ivey Meeks?

    Ivey Meeks is famouse as Youtube Star

  • What is Ivey Meeks's twitter?

    Ivey Meeks's twitter is https://twitter.com/ikmeeks

  • What is Ivey Meeks's youtube?

    Ivey Meeks's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfV49Q_xjGKlrcfRpy9E7sw

  • What is Ivey Meeks's instagram?

    Ivey Meeks's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/ikmeeks_/