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Reese Hatala's Personal Details

All about famous Canadian dancer and YouTuber Reese Hatala including her age, birthday, net worth, relationships and some fun facts.

BirthdayJuly 2, 2006
FamousYoutube Personality, Dancers, Instagram Dancers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, YouTube Dancers
SiblingsTaylor Hatala
Birth PlaceSherwood Park, Alberta
FatherChad Hatala
MotherTeresa Hatala
Sun SignCancer
Born inSherwood Park, Alberta
Famous asDancer, YouTube Personality

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Who is Reese Hatala?

Reese Hatala is a rare dancing talent who was born out of USA in Canada. But using her talents, she is now taking over the world! She has an unbelievable dancing ability and is known for her quirky dance moves. The rapid spread of internet and social media channels has made it possible for young and talented artistes to showcase their talents to the world. Reese Hatala is one such young talent who has used internet to her advantage. She started showing interest in dancing from a very young age. Looking at her interest, her parents got her the required training to improve her dancing talents. At an age when most of the girls belonging to her age just focus on having fun and go out with friends, Reese Hatala worked for long and grueling hours practicing dance. She quickly gained the basic talents and started performing in local events where her performance was widely appreciated.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Despite gaining some recognition when she was performing at the local events, Reese Hatala got some real recognition when she started posting her dancing videos on the Internet. The most important internet spot where her videos were posted was YouTube. Her YouTube channel became a hub of activity with a large of number of teenage followers flocking to it. However, she got a major break on the internet, when a small dance clip called ‘Anaconda’ choreographed and co-starred by the famous dancer Laurence Kaiwai went viral. The video, which also had her sister Taylor, brought the sisters into the spotlight by opening up a number of new opportunities for them. Despite the amazing growth experienced by her at such a young age, Reese always says that she never felt it difficult to perform on any big shows. She said that she always feels ‘nervous-excited’ whenever she is faced with a large crowd standing on a stage. After the success of ‘Anaconda’, Reese Hatala got another major opportunity when she was included in the prestigious YouTube Channel, ‘DanceOn’. DanceOn features dance performance by some of the finest artistes (both dancers and singers) of our time and is regularly updated with their performances. Her inclusion on this YouTube channel solidified her position as an emerging star on the internet with a bright future. As her fame continues to grow very quickly, she has made some grand plans for her future. She wishes to become an entertainer and wants to practice singing in future.

What Makes Reese Hatala So Special

There are a number of things that make Reese Hatala so special when compared with other dancers of her age. One of the most important things is her mastery over multiple dance forms at such a young age. In some of her dancing videos, she could comfortably dance along with artistes who are much older than her.

Beyond Fame

Reese Hatala has always stayed away from controversies. She is said to have good relationships with her friends and dancing colleagues.

Behind The Curtains

Reese Hatala was born in a quiet neighborhood in Canada which is away from Hollywood or any other entertainment centers. She had a good childhood in a loving family. She started dancing at the age of just three along with her elder sister who got trained in different kinds of dancing styles like Jazz, Tap, and Ballet when she was quite young. In an interview, Reese Hatala attributed most of her early success to her family which she described to be ‘supportive, positive, and nurturing.’ She along with her sister practice dance for hours every day and to enhance their dancing skills.


Once Reese Hatala and her older sister Taylor Hatala enjoyed a dance-off in a nail salon.

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Reese Hatala's FAQ

  • What is Reese Hatala birthday?

    Reese Hatala was born at 2006-07-02

  • Where is Reese Hatala's birth place?

    Reese Hatala was born in Sherwood Park, Alberta

  • What is Reese Hatala nationalities?

    Reese Hatala's nationalities is Canadian

  • Who is Reese Hatala siblings?

    Reese Hatala's siblings is Taylor Hatala

  • Who is Reese Hatala's father?

    Reese Hatala's father is Chad Hatala

  • Who is Reese Hatala's mother?

    Reese Hatala's mother is Teresa Hatala

  • What is Reese Hatala's sun sign?

    Reese Hatala is Cancer

  • How famous is Reese Hatala?

    Reese Hatala is famouse as Dancer, YouTube Personality

  • What is Reese Hatala's facebook?

    Reese Hatala's facebook is

  • What is Reese Hatala's twitter?

    Reese Hatala's twitter is

  • What is Reese Hatala's youtube?

    Reese Hatala's youtube is

  • What is Reese Hatala's instagram?

    Reese Hatala's instagram is