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Brynn Rumfallo's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Brynn Rumfallo, the famous American dancer; her birthday, her family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJuly 1, 2003
FamousDancers, Contemporary Dancers, Models
SiblingsNoah, Sadie
  • Homeschooled
Birth PlaceArizona
FatherAaron Rumfallo
MotherAshlee Allen
Sun SignCancer
Born inArizona
Famous asDancer, Model

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Who is Brynn Rumfallo?

Brynn Rumfallo is a dancer and model who got recognition in 2013 as part of the dance team "Fresh Faces" which competed in season 8 of the hit show ‘America's Got Talent’. Brynn and her team reached the quarter finals of the competition. She also made a guest appearance on the next season of the show. In 2015, Brynn appeared on three episodes of Lifetime's dance reality show ‘Dance Moms’ as a guest. Next year, she became a cast member of the show in its sixth season. Right after her inclusion into the show, she has been compared to one of the most successful participants of the show, Maddie Ziegler. She has been touted as the "next Maddie" and is supposed to replace Maddie after her departure from the show. In 2015, she also performed on the show ‘Dancing With the Stars’ with Maddie Ziegler and Jaycee Wilkins. In 2016, she performed on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ as part of the Dancer Palooza team. She has also been featured in music videos by Todrick Hall and MattyB. Brynn has modeled for Miss Fit by Miss Behave Girls.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Brynn Rumfallo started dancing at the age of two. She joined Club Dance Studio in Arizona in 2006 to train under Alexa Moffett who later became her role model. In 2013, Brynn auditioned for America's Got Talent as part of the group "Fresh Faces", along with four other girls from Club Dance Studio. The group made it to the quarter finals before being eliminated. She was named National Mini Female Best Dancer 2014 at The Dance Awards in Vegas. The same year, her solo performance "Breathe" was placed first among the juniors at the Hall of Fame Nationals in Las Vegas. She appeared on the 5th season of the show Dance Moms with her Club Dance teammate Sarah Reasons. Even though she was featured on three episodes, her performance was lauded and she was invited again on probation in the next season of the show. Abby Lee Miller, her coach on Dance Moms, later set up a challenge for her, winning which will earn her a permanent spot in the ALDC team. She was allowed to form a trio with teammates of her choice and was pitted against the main trio of Maddie Ziegler, Kendall Vertes and JoJo Siwa. Brynn won the challenge and became a member of the elite team.

What Makes Brynn Rumfallo So Special

Brynn is an incredibly talented dancer with a strong background in ballet dancing. As a dancer, she has received many accolades and won many awards. She even managed to impress Abby Lee Miller, who is hardly ever seen making positive comments about her students, with her performance. Abby's assistant choreographer Gianna Martello also admitted that Brynn is a versatile dancer and can be the "next big thing". Many of the fans of the show ‘Dance Moms’ were impressed by her performance, and some of them even didn't like the comparison between her and Maddie, stating that she is a great dancer in her own right. While it is always a concern among the audience of reality shows as to how much of the competition is "real", Brynn has won many real competitions outside of Dance Moms.

Beyond Fame

Brynn Rumfallo faced a lot of difficulty in establishing herself as one of the primary members of the dance reality show Dance Moms despite her superior performances. ALDC coach Abby Miller is well-known for having favorites among her students, and after her longtime favorite Maddie Ziegler decided to leave the show, she found a new favorite in Brynn. That, however, didn't go well with the other moms on the show, who all wanted their daughters to fill in the gap. As such, they kept bullying Brynn and her mother Ashlee, who has a reputation for not being a team player. Even when Abby officially offered Brynn her team jacket after she won a challenge to get into the ALDC team, many of the moms expressed their unhappiness over her inclusion and didn't even congratulate her. During a competition, Brynn was nervous about doing a male-female duel. However, when her male partner refused to go on-stage, the other moms blamed it on Brynn even though later it was revealed that despite being uncomfortable at first, Brynn was ready back-stage.

Behind The Curtains

Brynn Rumfallo is the daughter of Aaron Rumfallo and Ashlee Allen. She has two younger siblings, a sister named Sadie and a brother named Noah. Brynn loves pets and has two dogs, Lucy and Gigi. She aims to be a backup dancer for Katy Perry when she grows up. She is a great fan of Rihanna and would like to meet her if she gets the chance.


In 2014, before joining Dance Moms, Brynn won a scholarship in the ALDC Dance Off and attended ALDC Booty Camp with her teacher Alexa and her studio mates, Kalani Hilliker and Sarah Reasons.

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Brynn Rumfallo's FAQ

  • What is Brynn Rumfallo birthday?

    Brynn Rumfallo was born at 2003-07-01

  • Where is Brynn Rumfallo's birth place?

    Brynn Rumfallo was born in Arizona

  • What is Brynn Rumfallo nationalities?

    Brynn Rumfallo's nationalities is American

  • Who is Brynn Rumfallo siblings?

    Brynn Rumfallo's siblings is Noah, Sadie

  • What was Brynn Rumfallo universities?

    Brynn Rumfallo studied at Homeschooled

  • Who is Brynn Rumfallo's father?

    Brynn Rumfallo's father is Aaron Rumfallo

  • Who is Brynn Rumfallo's mother?

    Brynn Rumfallo's mother is Ashlee Allen

  • What is Brynn Rumfallo's sun sign?

    Brynn Rumfallo is Cancer

  • How famous is Brynn Rumfallo?

    Brynn Rumfallo is famouse as Dancer, Model

  • What is Brynn Rumfallo's facebook?

    Brynn Rumfallo's facebook is

  • What is Brynn Rumfallo's twitter?

    Brynn Rumfallo's twitter is

  • What is Brynn Rumfallo's youtube?

    Brynn Rumfallo's youtube is

  • What is Brynn Rumfallo's instagram?

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