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Jaycee Wilkins's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Jaycee Wilkins, the famous American dancer; her birthday, her family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayNovember 24, 2002
FamousDancers, Social Media Stars, Teens and Kids
SiblingsRyland (Older Brother)
Birth PlaceArizona
FatherKevin Wilkins
MotherKelli Wilkins
Sun SignSagittarius
Born inArizona
Famous asDancer

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Who is Jaycee Wilkins?

If you were to sum up who Jaycee Wilkins is in a single sentence, it would be ‘someone who was born to dance’. For nothing else can explain the miraculous talent that the girl possesses at such young age! Even before hitting the age of ten, Jaycee Wilkins was a star. Yes, as unbelievable as it may seem to be, she hit it off right at the word ‘go’. She stepped into the world of dance at the age of two and since then has created ripples in the social media circuit with her impeccable talent and unsurpassable skills. At nine she was a Junior Miss Dance 2012 and later, won the Dance Awards in Top 10 Best Female Mini Dancer in 2013. Of late, Wilkins has had a brush with Perthes Disease that has made her wheelchair bound. But even in this stricken condition, she is optimistic and positive and knows that when she would be back on her feet, she will create magic with dance again.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

She is a born star. Period! Jaycee Wilkins entered dance school at the age of two. When toddlers of her age were grappling with ‘baby, walk straight’ or ‘baby, run fast’ issues, Jaycee was dancing like a diva. She was enrolled at the Club Dance Studio, run by her mother, as a toddler. Her natural flexibility and flair assisted her reach the top of her age level very quickly. In no time, Jaycee was ruling the dance studio with her perfect moves and shakes. By nine, Jaycee was winning national titles at dance competitions and was well-known in the dance community. Soon after, Jaycee began making television appearances on shows like Disney Channel's ‘Shake It Up’ and NBC's ‘America's Got Talent.’ She even participated in the Disney’s show, ‘Make Your Mark’ along with her Club Dance friend Dylynn Jones. Having won the competition, the two girls got to dance alongside Zendaya Coleman and Bella Thorne in a scene of ‘Shake It Up’.

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What Makes Jaycee Wilkins Special

It is the spirit of dance that differentiates Jaycee Wilkins from her peers. Just at the doorway of her teens, she has seen it all. The hard work, the rise and the fall back, just about everything! Jaycee was two when she started dancing officially. She racked up her earliest accolades in 2011 before hitting the double digits of her age, earning a runner up position for both Miss Petite KAR and Primary Duo/Trio 8 and Under (KAR). She was barely nine when she won the Junior Miss Dance 2012. Additionally, she has the titles of Secondary Solo 8 and Under (KAR) and Mini Solo (jump) categories at the SMILE event under her belt for 2011 and 2012 respectively. A year later, she won the Dance Awards in the category of Top 10 Best Female Mini Dancers in 2013. She was named Kid of the Month by ‘These Kids Have Talent’ in 2012 and was even selected as the member of the Fresh Faces dance group. Barely 13, Wilkins has had the opportunity to assist and dance with some of the most amazing dance teachers who are top leaders in the industry!

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Beyond Fame

Having read Jaycee Wilkins’ journey to fame and stardom, and the reasons for her being so ‘special’, it is only natural for you to think of her as one talented lucky girl. Yes, she sure is talented but as for the luck part, it is for you to decide after reading this. Just when she was at the top of her game, she was struck with devastating news that ‘crippled’ her dance journey. Imagine, for a girl who stunned the audience with her moves and stance, to be wheel-chair bound! In September, Wilkins was diagnosed with Perthes Disease. It is a rare condition of the hip bone, wherein the blood supply to the hip bone is reduced. Since Jaycee’s diagnosis, she has not been able to dance. She was put on crutches and was not allowed to put weight on her left leg. The procedure for treatment includes two surgical operations, wearing an external fixator for four months and a brace for the next six months, using a wheelchair and later crutches to get around. For a girl who was a dancing sensation of the West until a few weeks back, Jaycee will now have to learn how to use her muscles to walk again! But despite her long recovery journey, the girl has not lost hope and is extremely positive and optimistic. She knows that once she is ready she would start off right from where she left only to climb upwards!

Best Night Ever!! Dancing with my best friends and with the best teacher! @dannydlawn @officialpreprocd

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Behind the Curtains

Jaycee Wilkins was born on November 24, 2002 to Kevin and Kelli Wilkins in Queen Creek, Arizona. She has an elder brother Ryland. Since her admission to the Club Dance Studio, she had been dancing like a diva until her recent brush with Perthes Disease. A true Sagittarian that Wilkins is, even in this immensely testing time, she remains optimistic and cheerful. Though her life had been a fairy tale journey of sorts before the medical condition crept in, the only thing that she regrets is not listening to her hip when it first ached. Jaycee Wilkins has risen from her medical ailment psychologically and has emerged as a mature girl. She claims she will not take things for granted once she gets back on her feet. Way to go girl!

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Jaycee Wilkins's FAQ

  • What is Jaycee Wilkins birthday?

    Jaycee Wilkins was born at 2002-11-24

  • Where is Jaycee Wilkins's birth place?

    Jaycee Wilkins was born in Arizona

  • What is Jaycee Wilkins nationalities?

    Jaycee Wilkins's nationalities is American

  • Who is Jaycee Wilkins siblings?

    Jaycee Wilkins's siblings is Ryland (Older Brother)

  • Who is Jaycee Wilkins's father?

    Jaycee Wilkins's father is Kevin Wilkins

  • Who is Jaycee Wilkins's mother?

    Jaycee Wilkins's mother is Kelli Wilkins

  • What is Jaycee Wilkins's sun sign?

    Jaycee Wilkins is Sagittarius

  • How famous is Jaycee Wilkins?

    Jaycee Wilkins is famouse as Dancer

  • What is Jaycee Wilkins's facebook?

    Jaycee Wilkins's facebook is https://facebook.com/JayceeWilkinsOfficial

  • What is Jaycee Wilkins's twitter?

    Jaycee Wilkins's twitter is https://twitter.com/iamjayceewaycee

  • What is Jaycee Wilkins's instagram?

    Jaycee Wilkins's instagram is https://instagram.com/jayceewaycee/