Famous people born in 1903

Tunku Abdul Rahman

Tunku Abdul Rahman

Tunku Abdul Rahman was the first Prime Minister of Malaysia

Bob Hope

Bob Hope was a British-born American entertainer, actor, radio personality and comedian

AmericanMay 29, 1903155 views

Benjamin Spock

Benjamin Spock was an American pediatrician, most noted as the author of one of the bestselling nonfiction books of all time ‘Baby and Child Care’

AmericanMay 2, 1903128 views

Ernst Kaltenbrunner

Ernst Kaltenbrunner was an Austrian Nazi Party leader during World War II

AustrianOctober 4, 1903516 views

Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth was an English artist and sculptor

BritishJanuary 10, 1903101 views

Giulio Natta

Giulio Natta was an Italian chemist who won the 1963 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

ItalianFebruary 25, 1903128 views

George D. Snell

George David Snell was an American geneticist who was the joint recipient of the 1980 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

AmericanDecember 19, 1903101 views

Haldan Keffer Hartline

Haldan Keffer Hartline was a Nobel Laureate physiologist who first isolated and recorded the activity of a single optic nerve fibre

George Wells Beadle

George Wells Beadle was an American geneticist who won the 1958 Nobel Prize in Medicine

AmericanOctober 22, 1903217 views