Famous people born in 1974

Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou

Louis Alphonse of Bourbon-Segovia, Duke of Anjou is a member of the Royal House of Bourbon in Spain

SpanishApril 25, 1974109 views

Oscar Gutierrez

Rey Mysterio is a well-known American professional wrestler

AmericanDecember 11, 1974140 views

Chad Kroeger

Chad Kroeger is a Canadian singer and music producer, and the lead vocalist and guitarist in the popular rock band ‘Nickelback’

CanadianNovember 15, 1974447 views

Shavo Odadjian

Shavo Odadjian is a Soviet-born Armenian-American songwriter and musician

AmericanApril 22, 197499 views

Maurice Greene

Maurice Greene is a renowned American former track and field sprinter

AmericanJuly 23, 1974327 views

Manjul Bhargava

Manjul Bhargava is a Canadian-American mathematician known for his contributions to number theory

AmericanAugust 8, 197486 views

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a famous American actress

AmericanAugust 20, 1974310 views

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is an adventurer popularly known for his bizarre survival tactics in reality television series Man vs

BritishJune 7, 1974196 views

Adam Khoo

Adam Khoo is a Singaporean entrepreneur and writer who is recognized as one of the most vibrant and powerful motivational speakers in Asia.

Aaron McGruder

Aaron McGruder is an American cartoonist and producer best known for creating the comic strip ‘The Boondocks’

AmericanMay 29, 1974104 views