Famous people born in 1930 - page 6

    George Soros

    George Soros

    George Soros is a highly successful businessman and philanthropist of Hungarian origin

    HungarianAugust 12, 1930191 views

    Shel Silverstein

    Shel Silverstein, was an American poet, singer-songwriter, children’s author, cartoonist and a screenwriter

    AmericanSeptember 25, 1930151 views

    Derek Walcott

    Derek Walcott is a West Indian poet and playwright, who won the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature

    Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood is an Academy Award winning American film actor, director, producer, and investor.

    AmericanMay 31, 1930135 views

    Chinua Achebe

    Chinua Achebe was a Nigerian writer and professor made famous by his debut novel, ‘Things Fall Apart’

    NigerianNovember 16, 1930153 views

    Bernie Ecclestone

    Bernie Ecclestone is a reputed British businessman, best known as the former CEO of the ‘Formula One Group.’ This biography profiles his childhood, family, personal life, career, etc.

    BritishOctober 28, 1930773 views