Famous people born in 1917 - page 2

    John Kendrew

    John Kendrew was an English biochemist and crystallographer who, along with Max Peutz, was one of the co-recipients of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    BritishMarch 24, 1917114 views

    M. G. Ramachandran

    M G Ramachandran was an Indian actor and politician who served as the CM of Tamil Nadu

    IndianJanuary 17, 1917107 views

    Rodney R. Porter

    Rodney Robert Porter was a Nobel Prize winning English biochemist who won the 1972 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

    BritishOctober 8, 1917123 views

    Christian de Duve

    Christian de Duve was a Belgian cytologist and biochemist known for his discoveries about the internal workings of cells

    BelgianOctober 2, 1917139 views

    Anthony Burgess

    Anthony Burgess was one of the most prominent English writers of the 20th century

    BritishFebruary 25, 191792 views

    Andrew Huxley

    Sir Andrew Fielding Huxley was a British physiologist, biophysicist, mathematician and a mechanical wizard

    BritishNovember 22, 1917136 views

    Ernest Borgnine

    Ernest Borgnine was a talented American actor who captivated the audience with his acting skills

    AmericanJanuary 24, 191772 views

    James Rainwater

    Leo James Rainwater was an American physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics 1975

    Ferdinand Marcos

    Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos Senior was a Filipino politician who served as the president of the country for twenty one years

    Leonora Carrington

    Leonora Carrington was an English-born Mexican artist and painter

    MexicanApril 6, 1917123 views