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Paris Berelc's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Paris Berelc, the famous T.V

BirthdayDecember 29, 1998
FamousTv Actor, Teens and Kids, Gymnasts
SiblingsBless (Younger Sister), Joelie (Younger Sister), Skye (Younger Sister)
Birth PlaceMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inMilwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Famous asTV Actor, Gymnast

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Who is Paris Berelc?

Paris Berelc is one of the most accomplished actors of the young brigade that America takes pride in. A champion gymnast, an electrifying dancer, a super model and of course an artistically gifted actor – she is a powerhouse of talent. The best aspect about Berelc as an entertainer is the fact that she has excelled at everything she has laid her hands on, be it her career as a gymnast, as a model or even as an actor. When Berelc took to gymnastics, she attained the coveted position and was counted amongst the country’s most premier gymnasts. However, this was just an aspect of her career as she was a successful model as well. She was the face of major brands and services, starting from Kohl's, Boston Store, Sears, and K-mart. Not just this, she was featured in a number of signage/posters in stores as well. But just when Berelc seemed to be fated for gymnastics and modelling, she took a detour and found her real calling in acting. Today, there seems to be no stopping this Capricorn star sensation. She has attained quite much in her still early career and seems to be hungry for more and more. Truly, an all-rounder in the making!

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

When Paris Berelc was born, little did her family know that the cherubic girl was destined for greatness! However, Berelc’s talent and capabilities did not remain hidden for long. At the age of four, Berelc showed her passion for dancing. A year later, she made her foray into gymnastics. Her excellence in sports gave way for her love for gymnastics. No sooner she made a strong foothold at the sport, winning several competitions and championships. She became a level 10 gymnast and was often counted amongst the country’s premier gymnasts. However, just when her career as a gymnast was on a roll, Berelc was bit by the acting bug. Not the one to be satisfied with less, she made her tryst in the world of acting. At the age of twelve, Berelc took her first acting classes at the Acting Studio Chicago. Two years later, her parents decided to take her to Los Angeles to try acting professionally. In 2013, she put her career in gymnastics on hold to pursue acting professionally. With luck by her side and oodles of talent in her kitty, Berelc bagged several roles that have put her at par with the talented actors of her generation. Still early in her career, Berelc has given some memorable performances, starting with as Skylar Skye in ‘Mighty Med’ and ‘Lab Rats: Eliot Force’ and as Molly in the film ‘Invisible Sister’.

What Makes Paris Berelc Special

Paris Berelc is a complete entertainment package and that is what makes this teen sensation truly special. Interestingly, whatever that Berelc has showed interest for or has pursued, she has convincingly turned the same to gold. Be it gymnastics or modelling or even acting, Berelc has excelled in each of the different aspects. When Paris Berelc was four, she started dancing. A year later, she took the plunge into gymnastics which turned her fate and fortune forever. She was counted amongst the country’s premier gymnast and even won several key competitions. But not the one to be satiated with this, she turned to acting. The big break as ‘Skylar Storm’ for Disney XD’s ‘Mighty Med’ and later for its spin-off series ‘Lab Rats: Eliot Force’ made Berelc an overnight star. Still early in her acting career, Paris Berelc shows promise of becoming a superstar sensation. Seems like there is absolutely nothing that Berelc can’t do!

Beyond Fame

When you think of Paris Berelc, it is only natural that her character of Skylar Storm flashes on your mind. That is probably the magic that Berelc cast for her role in the Disney XD series, ‘Mighty Med’ and its spin-off series ‘Lab Rats: Eliot Force’. Berelc has blessed with a talent for acting and performance. She is a complete natural in front of camera and by the looks of her on screen, seems to be born for acting. Be it as Skylar Storm or as Molly from the Disney movie, ‘Invisible Sister’, Berelc has portrayed to perfection her characters. However, the road to acting for Berelc had various pit stops. Did you know that prior to being bit by the acting bug Paris Berelc was an accomplished gymnast? Not just that, she was counted amongst the best in the country and was America’s one of the premier young gymnasts who championed several competitions and contests. But that is still one facade of her early life. Paris Berelc remains to be a successful model as well. It was at the age of nine that Berelc was discovered by Ford Models. This led to the beginning of her modelling career. Since then, she has been featured in hundreds of ads from Kohl's, Boston Store, Sears, and K-mart, as well as featured in a number of signage/posters in stores. She is also a trained dancer. Quite a wholesome list for a girl who has not even reached 20!

Behind The Curtains

Paris Berelc was born on December 29, 1998 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. She has three younger sister siblings, Bless, Joelie and Skye. Berelc has a multi-cultured ethnicity with a French-Canadian father and a European-Filipino mother.

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Paris Berelc's FAQ

  • What is Paris Berelc birthday?

    Paris Berelc was born at 1998-12-29

  • Where is Paris Berelc's birth place?

    Paris Berelc was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

  • What is Paris Berelc nationalities?

    Paris Berelc's nationalities is American

  • Who is Paris Berelc siblings?

    Paris Berelc's siblings is Bless (Younger Sister), Joelie (Younger Sister), Skye (Younger Sister)

  • What is Paris Berelc's sun sign?

    Paris Berelc is Capricorn

  • How famous is Paris Berelc?

    Paris Berelc is famouse as TV Actor, Gymnast

  • What is Paris Berelc's twitter?

    Paris Berelc's twitter is

  • What is Paris Berelc's youtube?

    Paris Berelc's youtube is

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