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Erica Delsman's Personal Details

Erica Delsman is an American Star and social media personality

BirthdayJuly 26, 2004
NationalityAmerican Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars
Birth PlaceWisconsin, USA
Sun SignLeo
Born inWisconsin, USA
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Who is Erica Delsman?

Erica Delsman is one of those teenagers who have recently discovered the joys of Musical.lys and is grabbing musers’ attention with her cool uploads. To those who aren’t quite familiar with the app (apparently been living under a rock), is a relatively new social media app that is immensely popular among tweens and teens. You will not only be making short lip sync videos but will also be sharing them on every social media platform imaginable.Erica seems to have mastered the whole scene of uploading loads of groovy is her forte and she keeps her fans hooked to her music and comedy videos with it. She has more than 220K fans keeping watch of her Musical.lys. Thousands of followers on Instagram are also vying to catch a glimpse of the life of this pretty 12-year-old. She has a YouTube Channel called Erica Delsman, but is not much active there.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Her journey so far has been nothing short of an accelerated wonder. She discovered social media in 2015 and has already amassed a sizable following. Her funny and original content has helped her get featured in the app Musical.lyand has enabled her highlighted videos to inspire other musers. Being featured multiple times has definitely made her even more popular than she already was;her fan base shot up even more after getting highlighted. Getting crowned did not take very long for this powerhouse muser.She makes a ton of collab videos with her friends, the most famous of them being with fellow star Simply Liv.

What Makes Erica Delsman So Special

This pretty teen with golden brown hair and a charming smile has won the hearts of millions. She is cute as a button and her energetic performances make her the darling of her fans. Her content is funny, upbeat and original. Yet they seem extremely doable and enjoyable at the same time. Without any jazzy edits or outrageous special effects, her videos are inspiring the way they entertain us.

Beyond Fame

Recently, from her YouTube videos and tweets, her fans received the impression that the star is going through a rough patch with heartbreak as well as online bullying. She admitted in her last YouTube vlog of not being able to concentrate properly on her studies and expressed her inclination to get better grades required to attend a good college. She announced that she will be less frequent on social media from October onwards.

Behind The Curtains

Erica is a 7th grader in middle school and is active in sports. She was into gymnastics and is pretty good on the mat. She loves playing basketball as well. Not much is known about her family life. It is known that she has a brother. Her parents are divorced and she has two step sisters.

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Erica Delsman's FAQ

  • What is Erica Delsman birthday?

    Erica Delsman was born at 2004-07-26

  • Where is Erica Delsman's birth place?

    Erica Delsman was born in Wisconsin, USA

  • What is Erica Delsman nationalities?

    Erica Delsman's nationalities is American

  • What is Erica Delsman's sun sign?

    Erica Delsman is Leo

  • How famous is Erica Delsman?

    Erica Delsman is famouse as Star