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Matt Yoakum's Personal Details

Matt Yoakum is a musician and YouTuber who runs the popular channel ‘Matt Slays.’

BirthdayJuly 17, 1980
FamousYoutube Personality, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, YouTube Singers
SpousesRebecca Zamolo
  • Western Oregon University
Birth PlacePueblo
Sun SignCancer
Born inPueblo
Famous asYouTube Personality

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Who is Matt Yoakum?

Matt Yoakum is an American musician and a YouTube star who runs the popular YouTube channel ‘Matt Slays.’ Launched on April 15, 2015, the channel had amassed over 325k subscribers and 34 million views as of June 2017. He and his wife upload videos daily on the ‘Matt Slays’ channel which features a mix of vlogs, music, and challenges. He also works as a lyricist, songwriter, and music producer, and posts his own music on the channel. He is quite popular on as well; his ‘matt.slays’ account has more than 600k fans. A lot of his content is comedy based, and he has deep passion for music and all other “crafts” he does. Matt often teams up with Joshua David Evans, who is also a musician who runs his own YouTube channel JoshuaDTV.

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Matt started singing and performing when he was quite young. As a teenager, he joined a boy band called Townsend in San Francisco Bay Area. He had to give a few trials, after which Townsend selected him as a member. The group sang hip-pop style music. Matt’s good looks and vocal qualities matched the expectations of the group. He also brought with him a little bit of experience in music, which helped the group significantly. In addition, he was an excellent lyricist and pianist, which the band was looking for. After he joined the band, Matt was chosen to be one of the 25 finalists for the ‘Making the Band’ show, which was a Lou Pearlman production, telecast on ABC television.

While he was still in the university, he started working with Hilton Hotels in the sales department in February 2003. He worked with them for long six years. During this period, he also performed live to win an MTV song-writing competition.

Now a composer, cinematographer, and an editor, Matt has directed a number of web episodes and short films. He became popular with his musical videos like ‘Shit LA People Say,’ and ‘Shit Fat Vs. Skinny Girls Say’ in 2012, and ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey Parody’ in 2013. His video titled ‘Michael Jackson Mash-up (Love Never Felt So Good / Man in the Mirror)’ and ‘Fight Song Cover’ in 2015 became immensely popular as well.

Personal Life

Matt was born on July 17, 1980 in Pueblo, Colorado, USA. He went to the Western Oregon University from 2000-04. After dating Rebecca Zamolo for ten years, he became engaged to her. He married her on May 17, 2014 after one year of engagement. Rebecca is also a famous YouTuber, writer, and producer. Besides music, Matt loves little dogs.

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Matt Yoakum's FAQ

  • What is Matt Yoakum birthday?

    Matt Yoakum was born at 1980-07-17

  • Where is Matt Yoakum's birth place?

    Matt Yoakum was born in Pueblo

  • What is Matt Yoakum nationalities?

    Matt Yoakum's nationalities is American

  • Who is Matt Yoakum spouses?

    Matt Yoakum's spouses is Rebecca Zamolo

  • What was Matt Yoakum universities?

    Matt Yoakum studied at Western Oregon University

  • How tall is Matt Yoakum?

    Matt Yoakum's height is 175

  • What is Matt Yoakum's sun sign?

    Matt Yoakum is Cancer

  • How famous is Matt Yoakum?

    Matt Yoakum is famouse as YouTube Personality

  • What is Matt Yoakum's facebook?

    Matt Yoakum's facebook is

  • What is Matt Yoakum's twitter?

    Matt Yoakum's twitter is

  • What is Matt Yoakum's youtube?

    Matt Yoakum's youtube is

  • What is Matt Yoakum's instagram?

    Matt Yoakum's instagram is

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