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Hunter In The Gym's Personal Details

All about American YouTube star, ‘Hunter in the gym’ including her age, family life, birthday, net worth, and fun facts.

BirthdayAugust 9, 2006
FamousGymnasts, Youtubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
Known asHunter
Birth PlaceColorado
Sun SignLeo
Born inColorado
Famous asGymnast & YouTuber

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Who is Hunter In The Gym?

At ten, Hunter gives tough competition to professional gymnasts. She is supple and can pull off almost any skill in gymnastics, with the support of her family. She has her own YouTube Channel where she posts videos of gymnastic routines and teaches skills online. Most of her videos also include challenges with her brother, Sky, who is very sportive and accepts all challenges of his sister, many that he can’t perform. These videos are huge hits and have thousands of views. Hunter has more than 87K subscribers on YouTube. She has turned popular even on other social media sites, she has a fan following of more than 8.7K on Instagram and 361 followers on Twitter.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

She got recognized in the month of June in 2014, when she uploaded a video on ‘How to do a Stride Circle’ on YouTube. In a couple of days she received more than a 100 views. This perked up her confidence and she began uploading more videos with gymnastic moves and skills; she has recently begun uploading family challenges as well. She gained a huge fan base and hence began another channel where she cooks called ‘Hunter in the Kitchen.’ Thistoo has received support from her fans. She is now going to begin a YouTube channel along with her friend and their mothers called ‘Girls in the City.’She recently posted a couple of videos which also gained much popularity. There is no stopping this young lady!

What Makes Hunter So Special

She is bubbly, jolly and full of enthusiasm. Apart from being a wonderful gymnast, she is a beautiful and stylish young girl, she is a loving and caring daughter, and loves filming her family. Unlike most other kids, she would rather spend time with her family and close friends than any other activity. She loves to play sports and loves food too. She is confident and budding with energy. She is so full of life that her positivity seems to leap out of her videos and into the person watching them! She likes to try her hand at everything, and loves learning and helping out.

Behind The Curtains

She was born in Colorado. She lives with her mother Jyl, her brother Sky and her dog. She loves making videos with them. She hangs out a lot with Lexy, who is also a YouTuber. She isn’t dating anyone as she is still very young. She loves challenging her brother to do various tasks not only in gymnastics, but also cooking, drawing and practically any kind of challenge. She posts these videos on her YouTube and Twitter accounts. Her mother and brother support her in whatever endeavors she takes up and help guide her to make her videos better. She is a bright student and her favorite subject in school is Science. Apart from gymnastics she also loves music and has hence taken a fancy to the ‘’ App.


Her best friend Lexy is also a gymnast and both are working ona collaborative YouTube channel with their mothers called ‘Girls in the City.’

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Hunter In The Gym's FAQ

  • What is Hunter In The Gym birthday?

    Hunter In The Gym was born at 2006-08-09

  • Where is Hunter In The Gym's birth place?

    Hunter In The Gym was born in Colorado

  • What is Hunter In The Gym nationalities?

    Hunter In The Gym's nationalities is American

  • Who is Hunter In The Gym siblings?

    Hunter In The Gym's siblings is Sky

  • Who is Hunter In The Gym's father?

    Hunter In The Gym's father is J

  • Who is Hunter In The Gym's mother?

    Hunter In The Gym's mother is Jyl

  • What is Hunter In The Gym's sun sign?

    Hunter In The Gym is Leo

  • How famous is Hunter In The Gym?

    Hunter In The Gym is famouse as Gymnast & YouTuber

  • What is Hunter In The Gym's twitter?

    Hunter In The Gym's twitter is

  • What is Hunter In The Gym's youtube?

    Hunter In The Gym's youtube is

  • What is Hunter In The Gym's instagram?

    Hunter In The Gym's instagram is