Famous people born in 1933 - page 5

Tom Skerritt

Ton Skerritt is a well-known American actor

AmericanAugust 25, 1933183 views

Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein is a politician serving as the senior US Senator from California

AmericanJune 22, 1933118 views

Elizabeth Montgomery

Elizabeth Montgomery was a famous American film, stage and television actress, best remembered for her role in the TV show ‘Bewitched’

AmericanApril 15, 1933358 views

Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag is an American critical essayist, cultural analyst, novelist, political activist, filmmaker and playwright of international repute

AmericanJanuary 16, 1933429 views

Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones is an American record producer, film & TV producer, composer, conductor, instrumentalist, jazz trumpeter, and record company executive

AmericanMarch 14, 1933200 views

Michael Caine

Michael Caine is a distinguished actor renowned for his Cockney accent and powerful depiction of roles

BritishMarch 14, 1933206 views

Danny Greene

Danny Greene was an infamous Irish American gangster who rose to dominate the criminal underbelly of the city of Cleveland during the 1970s

AmericanNovember 14, 1933771 views

Larry King

Larry King is a famous American television host, best-known for his show, ‘Larry King Live’

AmericanNovember 19, 1933207 views

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was an American actress, comedian, writer, producer and TV host

AmericanJune 8, 1933154 views

Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell was an American televangelist and political activist

AmericanAugust 11, 1933193 views