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Mikey Barone's Personal Details

Mikey Barone is a social media star who has taken various social media platforms by storm

BirthdayJuly 2, 1999
FamousInstagram Star, Youtubers, Instagram Stars, YouNow Stars, Teens and Kids, YouTube Pranksters
City/StateRhode Island
Nick namesMichael
Birth PlaceProvidence, Rhode Island
MotherBella Barone
Sun SignCancer
Born inProvidence, Rhode Island
Famous asYouTuber, Instagram Star

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Who is Mikey Barone?

Mikey Barone is a social media star who has taken various social media platforms by storm. Starting with the live-streaming app YouNow, he has spread his influence on to other social media sites, especially Instagram. He currently seems to be focusing more on YouTube where he regularly posts Q&A and challenge videos. He often collaborates with his friends and popular social media personalities like Bryce Hall and Bradlee Wannemacher. Apart from his personal YouTube channel, he also created another YouTube channel named "brikey" with Bryce Hall. With his growing social media presence, Mikey has been invited to attend many social media conventions such as Vidcon, Good Times Tour, and PressPlay Tour. While he intends to keep social media as his priority for now, he would eventually like to pursue a modeling and acting career in the future. He looks up to famous internet sensation Cameron Dallas as his inspiration for building his career.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Mikey Barone decided to join social media after watching ‘Expelled’, which stars Cameron Dallas, who rose to fame from social media. Following him, Mikey joined Vine and posted a video with his cat. He, however, deleted the app later. He resumed his social media run with YouNow in early 2015. He would often post videos to share with his followers various aspects of his life. Within a few months, he became a star on YouNow. However, as he moved to other social media platforms, he outgrew his popularity on YouNow. He currently has most followers on Instagram. In fact, his popularity on Instagram spread so rapidly that he even mentions on his Twitter bio that he owes everything to "God Instagram". He joined YouTube in late 2015. His step-father introduced him to the audience in one of his very first videos. He currently has 156k followers on Instagram, 68k followers on YouNow, 66k followers on Twitter and 47k subscribers on YouTube.

What Makes Mikey Barone So Special

Mikey Barone's charming personality has won over thousands of fans on whichever social media platform he has joined. While one would think he must possess tremendous social skills, he himself thinks otherwise. It might come as a surprise to his fans, but Mikey is actually scared of people, as well as places with a lot of people. He feels uncomfortable going to crowded places like airports, concert, or even shopping malls. It makes him very uncomfortable when people stare at him or when he realizes that they are talking about him. He even mentioned in one of his videos that he is so self-conscious about his appearance that he always wears long sleeves, even when he is on the beaches.

In spite of all that, he has decided to open up his life on social media. Ironically, the social media is a place teeming with mean people and bullies who take every opportunity to heartlessly tear down their victims. Mikey mentioned in a video that he is quite paranoid about being in the hit list of such people. However, it seems his decision to be a part of the social media was an attempt to shrug off his fear of criticism. A few months ago he posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he reads out and laughs at hate comments on his social media profiles.

Beyond Fame

Mikey Barone was in a relationship with Instagram star Taylor Alesia for some time. Pictures of them hanging out together were all over the internet, including on the Instagram page of Mikey's mother. However, their relationship didn't last very long, and their breakup wasn't very pleasant. Even though Mikey didn't comment on their breakup directly, he indirectly accused her of not being a nice person. When one fan of Taylor commented on Twitter that she is very sweet, and another contradicted saying "no she's not", Mikey, faved the latter comment, showing his approval. Later, Mikey was spotted cozying up with pop singer Maggie Lindemann in her Snapchat videos.

Mikey is so close with his friend Bryce Hall that fans often ask them whether they are a couple. The two boys often play along with their fans by pretending to be very close on their video collaborations on YouTube. They are also very quick to dismiss their pretence.

Behind The Curtains

Mikey Barone lives with his mother Bella Barone and his stepfather. He has been very close to his stepdad since he was very young. As a kid, he has lived in a lot of places all around Rhode Island as their family used to move from one place to another almost twice every year. Shifting houses frequently might also be the reason why Mikey doesn't have too many friends. He, however, thinks that friends don't make too much difference in someone's life.


Despite the fact that Mikey once mentioned he always wears long sleeves, he can be seen without long sleeves in some of his videos.

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Mikey Barone's FAQ

  • What is Mikey Barone birthday?

    Mikey Barone was born at 1999-07-02

  • Where is Mikey Barone's birth place?

    Mikey Barone was born in Providence, Rhode Island

  • What is Mikey Barone nationalities?

    Mikey Barone's nationalities is American

  • What is Mikey Barone nick names?

    Mikey Barone's nickNames is Michael

  • Who is Mikey Barone's father?

    Mikey Barone's father is B

  • Who is Mikey Barone's mother?

    Mikey Barone's mother is Bella Barone

  • What is Mikey Barone's sun sign?

    Mikey Barone is Cancer

  • How famous is Mikey Barone?

    Mikey Barone is famouse as YouTuber, Instagram Star

  • What is Mikey Barone's twitter?

    Mikey Barone's twitter is https://twitter.com/mikeybarone

  • What is Mikey Barone's instagram?

    Mikey Barone's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/mikeybarone/