Remember the prankster in your middle school who always got into trouble with the authorities due to his mischief? Well, you’d better search YouTube for his channel—it’s quite possible that today he’s become one of the much-beloved online pranksters with millions of followers! Prank videos are among the most viewed on YouTube and youngsters like ‘Magic of Rahat’ are making the most of the opportunities by posting their quirky prank videos. Rahat is a magician and he uses his magic skills to prank unsuspecting people. Very hilarious to watch! Andrew Gerald Hales is yet another such guy who has filmed prank videos in many countries across the globe. He is followed by millions of subscribers who eagerly await his uploads. When talking of pranksters, how can we even forget Roman Atwood, who is among the most subscribed YouTubers on the planet? The silly tricks he plays on people are very enjoyable and entertaining. There is so much competition on YouTube that some pranksters like French guy Rémi Gaillard even go to dangerous levels to capture a prank video! While his videos are definitely exciting, we would not recommend that you try his tricks yourself! Check out this section to know more about top YouTube Pranksters.