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Colby Brock's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Colby Brock, the famous YouTuber; his birthday, his family, his girlfriend and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJanuary 2, 1997
FamousYoutubers, Social Media Stars, Viners, YouTubers, YouTube Pranksters
  • Blue Valley High School
  • Stilwell
  • Kansas
Birth PlaceStanley, Kansas
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inStanley, Kansas
Famous asYouTuber, Viner

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Who is Colby Brock?

Colby Brock is the charming teenager who posts interesting YouTube videos with his best buddy and Vine Star, Sam Golbach. They uploaded a video “Following the Fat Guy” which was based on a character in Seth MacFarlane’s TV show ‘Family Guy’. There was a lot of controversy at first and the video was asked to be taken down as it was deemed offensive to people who have over-weight issues. Colby’s friend Golbach explained later saying, “We wanted to become known, so we thought the best way and the fastest way to do that was to be funny on Vine.” Now their Vine page has over half a billion views and 1.6 million followers. They have moved on to making YouTube videos as their former platform Vine, has announced that the community is shutting down, although the Vines will be available for viewing and downloading by the owner of the respective page from January 2017.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Creating ruckus where people could see them was the initial idea of Sam and Colby’s plan for getting famous. They even posted videos of them riding shopping carts at ‘Target’ and placing couches on their local mall’s escalator. These guys were later permanently banned from the aforementioned Oak Park Mall due to the troubles they caused. The number of followers on their Vine page rose to about 5000 to 6000 per day the following summer – the videos clearly worked. Colby said “We knew to get famous that we had to do something shocking.” Sam and Colby later started realizing that creating public disturbances isn’t the proper way to get famous due to the moral and legal repercussions. They now base their team motto on the words which were Sam’s Grandmother’s final words, “Onward and Upward”. Their videos are now about reflecting the good aspects of life especially to the tweens (abbr. between teens, ages 8 to 14).

What Makes Colby Brock So Special

Colby is adored by the majority of people because of his relatively nonchalant body language and a slightly eccentric way of being witty. After moving to Los Angeles, California, his plans have flourished and he has met ‘Big Nik’, another famous YouTuber and vlogger with whom he makes his own YouTube videos. As Sam and Colby explain the amount of time required to produce a 6-second video clip, one can only be shaken by the fact that the entire process requires a lot of patience and perseverance. In one of the interviews, they said each gig is planned to perfection for almost a month and then shot 9 to 10 times with an editing time of at least 60 minutes on the final take.


Colby’s favorite animal is koala. Colby used to be in his High school’s music band and used to play clarinet. It is said that he met Sam as they both had a crush on same Drummer girl.

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Colby Brock's FAQ

  • What is Colby Brock birthday?

    Colby Brock was born at 1997-01-02

  • Where is Colby Brock's birth place?

    Colby Brock was born in Stanley, Kansas

  • What is Colby Brock nationalities?

    Colby Brock's nationalities is American

  • What was Colby Brock universities?

    Colby Brock studied at Blue Valley High School, Stilwell, Kansas

  • How tall is Colby Brock?

    Colby Brock's height is 182

  • What is Colby Brock's sun sign?

    Colby Brock is Capricorn

  • How famous is Colby Brock?

    Colby Brock is famouse as YouTuber, Viner

  • What is Colby Brock's twitter?

    Colby Brock's twitter is

  • What is Colby Brock's youtube?

    Colby Brock's youtube is

  • What is Colby Brock's instagram?

    Colby Brock's instagram is