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Tayler Holder's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Tayler Holder, the famous American Musical.ly star & YouTube personality; his birthday, his family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayAugust 19, 1997
FamousMusical.ly Stars, Youtube Personality, TikTok Stars, YouNow Stars, YouTubers, YouTube Pranksters
Birth PlaceTexas
Sun SignLeo
Born inTexas
Famous asMusical.ly Star, YouTube Personality

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Tayler Holder's photo

Who is Tayler Holder?

Tayler Holder can be best described as a rising social media personality whose fame is as progressing as the knowledge of the universe. A Texan lad, he moved base to Los Angeles, California to be a part of the big league. Since an early age, Holder knew what he wanted from life – he wanted to make it big in the entertainment world and knew that to do so he had to be in the right place. So, he packed his bags and made LA his new postal address. Tayler Holder collaborated with his friend, Joseph Birlem to come up with a YouTube channel, called Joey and Tayler. Later, in October 2013, he created his Twitter account. Following year, Tayler hit it off with his Instagram and YouNow account which today has more than 210K and 33.1K followers respectively. But the big break came with Musical.ly, a social media app that gave Tayler an edge above all the rest. Simply by sharing interesting videos, Tayler made is to the hearts of thousands of viewers and today has a fan following of more than 650, 000 people on Musical.ly alone. Though there is no doubt that it is his work that has brought him so much recognition, some credit can be given to his handsome looks and attractive personality as well.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Barely 19, Tayler Holder has crafted a career for himself in the social media with his videos and uploads. But life which seems so smooth and hassle-free for this teenage sensation today wasn’t so all through. Holder was born in Texas in August 1997. With an aim to make it big in the virtual world through the social media apps, he moved base to Los Angeles, California. In October 2013, Tayler first created his Twitter account. Simultaneously, together with his friend, Joseph Birlem, he started a YouTube channel called Joey and Tayler. Between early and mid-2014, Tayler made his presence felt at other social media apps such as Instagram and YouNow. However, the breakthrough in his career came with Musical.ly.com that augmented his popularity by leaps and bounds. As of August 2016, Tayler has more than 650, 000 fans on Musical.ly alone. His Instagram account has more than 210K followers, while his YouNow fan base is currently at 33.1K.

What Makes Tayler Holder So Special

Have you been wondering what makes Tayler Holder so special? Just take a closer look at this teenage guy. Of course, you cannot miss out on his handsome face and cool dude attitude. Tayler Holder is one of those guys who have been blessed with a fine-looking, attractive personality. Be it his deep-penetrating hazel eyes or blonde hair that wears from the top, his sharp distinctive features or his perfect athletic bod, Tayler Holder can make any woman go weak in her knees. Probably, this explains his huge Instagram following, considering the fact that he posts photos of himself modelling.

Beyond Fame

Not many youngsters can get the better off their educational demands, leave alone sorting out what course of career to plunge into, while in their teens. However, Tayler Holder wasn’t amongst them. At 19, Tayler enjoys fame and recognition that many youngsters only eye for. He knew it from early that he wanted to make a name for himself in the entertainment world and soon shifted base to Los Angeles. Today a renowned face in social media circuit, Tayler Holder’s life is a matter of envy for many others. He has collaborated with several renowned people like Big Nik, Danielle Renaee, Joey Birlem, Cody Ryan and others.

Behind The Curtains

Tayler Holder was born on August 19, 1997 in Texas, USA. Not much is known about his personal life, including his family or education. Holder moved to Los Angeles, California which gave a flight to his social media career. Tayler Holder hasn’t been involved in any romantic liaisons and has no close-up relationship with anyone.

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Tayler Holder's FAQ

  • What is Tayler Holder birthday?

    Tayler Holder was born at 1997-08-19

  • Where is Tayler Holder's birth place?

    Tayler Holder was born in Texas

  • What is Tayler Holder nationalities?

    Tayler Holder's nationalities is American

  • How tall is Tayler Holder?

    Tayler Holder's height is 172

  • What is Tayler Holder's sun sign?

    Tayler Holder is Leo

  • How famous is Tayler Holder?

    Tayler Holder is famouse as Musical.ly Star, YouTube Personality

  • What is Tayler Holder's twitter?

    Tayler Holder's twitter is https://twitter.com/itstaylerholder

  • What is Tayler Holder's youtube?

    Tayler Holder's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSdkYFmjUv1duOKorLjPh-w

  • What is Tayler Holder's instagram?

    Tayler Holder's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/itstaylerholder/

  • What is Tayler Holder's younow?

    Tayler Holder's younow is https://www.younow.com/Itstaylerholder