Famous Greek

The Most Famous Greek

Pythagoras570 BCGreekPythagoras of Samos was a Greek mathematician and philosopher
Giannis AntetokounmpoDecember 6, 1994GreekGiannis Antetokounmpo, is a Greek basketball player
Socrates470 BCGreekSocrates was one of the most influential Greek philosophers of the ancient era
Polyxeni FerfeliMarch 28, 1994GreekPolyxeni Ferfeli is a Greek model, Instagrammer, and social media personality
Homer800 BCGreekHomer was a legendary ancient Greek poet who composed the great epics, the Iliad, and, the Odyssey
Solon638 BCGreekSolon was an Athenian lawmaker, poet and politician
Pericles494 BCGreekPericles was an important Greek statesman, orator, patron of the arts, politician, and general of Athens who lived from 495–429 B.C
Antonis SamarasMay 23, 1951GreekAntonis Samaras is a Greek politician who served as Prime Minister of Greece from 2012 to 2015
Aeschylus525 BCGreekAeschylus was an eminent Greek tragedian
Sophocles496 BCGreekSophocles was an ancient Greek poet and tragedian, who was famous for his tragedies

Leonidas I

Leonidas I was a king of the ancient Sparta

Greek540 BC157 views

Costa Gavras

Costa-Gavras is a renowned Greek-French film director and producer who is known for making films with overt political themes

GreekFebruary 12, 1933110 views

Michael Cacoyannis

Michael Cacoyannis was a distinguished Greek Cypriot film director, producer and screenwriter

GreekJune 11, 1921110 views

Elia Kazan

Elia Kazan was a Greek-American film and stage director known for many hit plays and movies

GreekSeptember 7, 1909119 views


Strabo was a Greek geographer, philosopher and historian who lived more than two thousand years ago, in the early days of the Roman Empire

Greek64 BC101 views


Hipparchus was a Greek astronomer and mathematician

Greek190 BC123 views


Pytheas was a Greek geographer and explorer from the Greek colony of Massalia

Greek350 BC110 views

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great, also known as Alexander III of Macedon, was the king of Macedonia from 336 to 323 B.C

Greek127 views


Eratosthenes was a famous Greek philosopher, mathematician and geographer who is credited for the measurement of earth’s circumference

Greek110 views

Saint George


Greek280122 views